Flashback: Jubilation as schoolboy recognises himself in photo

Shotley Drama Group present Cinderella February 1993

Shotley Drama Group present Cinderella February 1993 - Credit: Archant

FORMER Whatfield School pupil Ivan Smith is calling on his old classmates to get in touch after a Flashback photos revived memories of his school days.

Others have also be sharing their memories this week.

Re: Cheque presentation, Whatfield School

I SAW a photo of me in the East Anglian Daily Times on your Magic Memories page.

I’m in the picture of Whatfield school with the cheque dated March 1977. I’m in the front row at the left on the bottom and would love to know if you hear from anyone else in the photo.

Ivan Smith


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Re: Bury Chrysanthemum Show 1975

THE two children are my newphew and niece, Kevin O’Callaghan, aged two, and his sister Tina (now Tina King), aged four.

Tina presented the bouquet to the mayoress – chosen at random because she was a pretty little girl.


Great Barton.

Re: Swimming pool opening at Riddlesworth School

No, I was not there, nor did I go to that school. But I did go to school in Riddlesworth.

I was born in August 1929, in one of the top two cottages opposite Riddlesworth farm and, like a lot of others from surrounding villages, our swimming pool was the river; part of Knettishall Heath called Red Arch.

This was a very popular spot then, although it was private property as it all came under the estate which was owned by a Mr Champion.

I cannot remember exactly what year it was, but the squire Mr Champion used to be driven round by his chauffeur and on this particular occasion when passing the Red Arch the old man noticed quite a few ladies in their swimming costumes, which the squire didn’t like, so he informed the gamekeepers on the estate to turn everybody away. So for a short period is was a no-go area, but it did not affect the local people much.

I think I must have been about six or seven years old and myself and others carried on fishing there. I look back and wonder what the old fellow would have thought of today’s fashion?

I moved away with my parents in the autumn of 1940 as the Riddlesworth Farm was leased out to a man that was going to farm without horses. My Dad being head horseman there, said, like a lot of older horsemen, “no you can’t farm without horses” thus we moved to just outside Diss.



Re: Bramford British Legion badge presentation

I HAVE just returned from my holiday to find a photocopy of the picture in the EADT on February 22 amongst the post.

This cutting was sent to me by a friend who lives in Earl Soham as she thought she recognised the man receiving the badge.

It is indeed my father, Douglas Ronald Easton, who was treasurer for the Bramford British Legion for many years up until his death in 1985.

I still have his treasurer’s badge and it looks as thought it was one of these he was being presented with in this photograph.

Whilst I recognise two of the other gentlemen in the picture, I can only name one and that is Mr Stanley Scrivener (now deceased) and he is the one standing to the left of my father (behind the hands) who was also an active member of the Legion in Bramford.

Sadly, I personally have no-one left to answer any questions regarding this and as I was in my 20s at that time didn’t really take too much notice. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

On the plus side, an old family friend spotted this and took the grouble to send it to me so hopefully there is someone out there who can throw some more light on it.



Re: Joe Bugner

THIS photo certainly bought back memories for me!

I was one of the many competitors swimming that day. We were all incredibly star-struck and thrashed up and down the outside pool at the Cattle Market with a lot more enthusiasm than normal.

Joe Bugner and his then wife, Melonie, were great sports. They sat in folding chairs and watched the whole event with enthusiasm. I think they even ate the cheese sandwiches - one side white bread, one side brown - which we were given at every meet.

I still have their autographs as just about everybody there must have too!



THIS picture was sent to me in California.

The thinnish man in swimming trunks on Bugner’s right (left in picture) is me, Eldon Griffiths, then Minister of Sport and Under Secretary for Environment. I had less weight in those days but swam, quite well.

I invited Bugner, as an East Anglian, to come to Bury when he seemed on the way up as a British boxing champion with international promise. Alas, he faded away.



Re Shotley Drama Group pantomime

REGARDING the Flashback photograph featuring the cast of Shotley Drama Group’s pantomime Cinderella.

This brought back many memories from the past and reminded me how many children have taken part in productions!

At one stage we had 26 children in one production - not bad for a village group. After a bit of delving into old programmes I can name all the old troupers!

The adults taking part from left to right at the back: Michael Marsh, Mandy Peters, Sandra Whayman, Wendy Malster, Julian Goodwin, Dave Bull, Pat Whayman, Ian Tattersall, Barbara Moss-Taylor, Dudley Lawrence, Neil Bates, Matthew Backhouse and Carol Blumfield.

The children from left to right: David Coleman, Suzannah Parsonson, Emily Roberts, Katrina Barnard, Katie Emmott, Lorna Nichols, Peters Nichols, Zoe Armes, Laura Peters (half hidden with the long hair), Sarah and Elaine Painter, Ross Peters and Bethany Jackaman.

Many children stayed with the group for several years, developing their singing, stagecraft and choreography skills. Carol Blumfield instigated the formation of the group in 1983 and has been a stalwart of the group since then. She has had, at the very least, a hand in every single production, performing, producing or directing, and sometimes in the early days just about everything.

Our last production, the panto Treasure Island, was Carol’s directing finale but she will continue as part of the group. I am delighted to confirm the group will perform a play in October and a panto in February 2014.


Shotley Gate


WI Diamond Jubliee Celebration, Copdock & Washbrook (Flashback, March 7)

REGARDING your Flashback photo of Copdock & Washbrook WI’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. The ladies pictured from left to right are; Pam Tayler (youngest member present), President Ruby Cousins, Judith Stinson S.E.F.W.I, Doris Barber, Hettie Whitten and Blanche Cullum.

This was taken in the old Copdock Village Hall.

The WI group is still thriving with 50 members. The photograph below was taken at our meeting on February 19, 2013, celebrating our 93rd year.

Again left to right: Jan Tong and Zandra Cobley (February birthday girls), Ann Day (speaker), President Louise Amphlett-Lewis and Margaret Briggs




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