Flashback: Knowledge floods back for sea cadet

SEA Cadets was a family affair, as one reader has pointed out after seeing a photo from 1973 Leiston Coxswain awards.

Tim Chipperfield, said: “The sea cadet photo contains two father and son duos.

“From the left hand side of the photo the first person is Alan Revell, then it’s Gary Meadows, then the gentleman at the back with the peaked cap is my father Glen Chipperfield (petty officer), I am the cadet at the front directly in front of my father and beside my father at the back is Paul Redhead. The young cadet to my left being presented his coxswain’s badge is Simon Pearson, the gentleman presenting his badge is his father, commander Mike Pearson.

“If I remember correctly Simon and I were two of the youngest cadets to receive our coxwains badges.”

In regards to a photo of Woodbridge Town FC taken in September 1982, Gerry Daish, of Cambridge, wrote: “A few of the names escape my battered memory now but several of the boys were team mates and club members for many years and I remember them like it was yesterday! Indeed I was at Farlingaye School with Messrs Duncan, Bradlaugh and Dowden.

“From left to right, back row: Mick Banthorpe (coach), unknown, Tim Clarke, Clive Duncan, Steve Bradlaugh, unknown, Gerry Daish (me), Roger Garnett, Bob Griffin (physio).

“From left to right, front row: Martin Dowden, Peter Barton, unknown, Phil Fairbrother, unknown, David White.

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“The picture was taken at Kingston Field which was our home ground at the time. We used to put up the goals before every game and take them down again immediately after. It was amazing how much lighter they felt after winning!

“I believe I was skipper of that side at that time, playing either in midfield or at full back, and we were playing in the Suffolk & Ipswich League. This was a few years before a marvellous crop of younger players such as Simon and Andy Fryatt, Mark Crisp, Phil Harmon, came through and took the club up to the Eastern Counties League about six years later.

“I moved to the Cambridge area for work but, as a life member of the club, I am still proud to be in touch with Woodbridge Town FC. I hung up my boots as a player five years ago (at the age of 51) but have since taken up refereeing and work for the Cambridgeshire FA full time these days.

“Clarke was an athletic ‘keeper, among the best I played with. Duncan was a talented forward with a touch of genius. Bradlaugh was a combative midfielder with a sweet right foot. Garnett was a quicksilver inside forward who would run all day and all night. Dowden was a polished full back. Barton and Fairbrother were no-nonsense midfield enforcers. White was a ‘footballing centre half’ with a touch of real class. Bob Griffin was a legendary servant of the club as first aid man in the days of the ‘magic sponge’. Nobody knew more about the mechanics of a footballer than he! Sadly, I believe he passed away some years ago. I think David White is now a director of the club. Mick Banthorpe is well known in Suffolk football circles and enjoyed many years associated with Woodbridge until well after this picture was taken.

“Unfortunately I have lost touch with all those pictured except Mick Banthorpe and David White but I’d like to wish them all well if they happen to become known to you. I’d also love to know whose names I’ve forgotten if the opportunity arises!”

Darren Fowler e-mailed to add: “I am just getting in touch in response to your flashback photo request for information on September 8.

Pictured in the back row, second from left, is my brother Glenn Fowler who emigrated to Perth, Australia in 1990. He is still football crazy and still supports Ipswich Town from afar.

“He last visited in 2008 and enjoyed seeing all of his old haunts in the Ipswich area. If any other team members have got in touch it would be interesting to put them in touch with my brother. His son is visiting from Perth from next week for a month and we have purchased a copy of the photo and the newspaper cutting for him to take back to his Dad.”

And Sylvia Shimmon, from Woodbridge, added: “The gentleman on the far right was my father Bob Griffin.

“Dad was first aider and trainer for Woodbridge Town Football Club for many years. I can remember times when he treated broken legs, and the many occasions when footballers came to our house for medical treatment.

“Dad was also first aider for Eastern Electricity where he worked as an Electrical Linesman until his retirement.

“Dad always volunteered his services readily. He was often seen at various fetes wearing his Red Cross uniform and on hand for any emergencies. He was given a medal by the Red Cross for long service.

“On one occasion at a Red Cross fete in Woodbridge (I believe the date to be around 25 June 1983), he saved the life of a 20 month old baby who had fallen into a pond. Dad came to the rescue and gave mouth to mouth. With dad’s great skill, wonderfully, the baby survived. Her family kept in contact with dad over the years.

“Unfortunately dad passed away many years ago, and by then the baby had grown into a lovely young lady, and she asked if she could say a few words at the funeral. “Without dad she would not be here today. He was our hero. Dad was presented with a Police Commendation.

Thank you. Your photo brought back many happy memories, and a few sad ones as dad is no longer with us.”

Another footballing picture sparked memories for Lloyd Cobbold, of Old Newton, who wrote about an image of Stow Falcons Under 10s taken in September 1982.

“This season was to be our first together and it ended up being a very exciting year, winning the league, two cups and narrowly losing (7-0) in the semi final of the EASY Cup ( East Anglian Sunday Youth Cup).

“As the team line up we have manager Keith Hammond at the back, what an amazing person who now entering his 70’s is still as enthusiastic as ever and involved in youth football.

“In the back players row we have Darren Pleasance, Robbie Finbow, Graham Flack, Matthew Edgar, Lloyd Cobbold, Richard Collins, Jamie King and Jonathon Walton.

“Front row consists of Dean Munnings, Peter Cobbold, Scott Bennett, Steven (Pee-Wee) Pearce, Steven Cook and Adam Thorpe.

“I have fond memories of travelling all over the East Anglian Countryside in convoy where even on one occasion the lead cars bonnet took flight and ended up at the back of the convoy.

“We continued to be successful and remained together as a team from Under 10’s to Under 16’s with very few players leaving. Many of the players shown continued to play to a decent standard especially in the SIL league, with some continuing to my knowledge to play even now.

“Thanks for the memories,” he added.

“Leiston Gala was the highlight of the town’s summer programme,” said Mrs E Chapman, of Bacton, in response to a photo of the 1985 gala. “Having a lifelong interest in dogs (animals in general) I organised exemption dog shows for such events.

“The girls’ parents are known to me, unfortunately I cannot remember her christian name. She walked in the procession with her dog who was Haizemarsh Hazard, a Bernese mountain dog. Big dogs but gentle and kind.

“The cart is a genuine Swiss cart, originally used to carry produce to the towns in the Berne area of Switzerland. Handler and dog eventually took part in the dog show.”

The people marching in the Battle of Britain Parade through Bury in 1965 were all members of the Suffolk Fire Service Drill Squad, passing the Saluting Dias on the Angel Hill, said Mike Hickford, of Clare.

He spotted the picture in Flashback and said: “They are left to right: Station Officer Terry Auld, Fm Cyril Burry, believed to be Fm Locke, Myself, L/Fm Mike Hickford - still serving as Brigade Standard Bearer, believed to be Fm Paul Brown, (Lowestoft) Fm Murrow (Jun), Fm Murrow (Snr).

“The drill squad now consists of a Colour Party only - usually a Standard Bearer and two escorts, still parading at various fire service events around the county and also at funerals of ex fire service personnel.”

Anf finally, Pat Nash, of Elmswell, spotted her brother in Flashback.

“In your flashback picture “What Am I Bid”, the sheep sale at Ingham, I recognised my brother, Stephen Cobbald, of Acton Hall, who is the young man in the centre of the photograph, between the two gentlemen wearing caps and behind the auctioneers catalogue. He started breeding sheep in his early teens and is still doing so today, 50 years later!”