Flashback: Magic memories revisited by readers

Bishop visits Kesgrave Church to look at new extensions in March 1980

Bishop visits Kesgrave Church to look at new extensions in March 1980 - Credit: Archant

IN our weekly feature, we look at the memories you have shared after seeing old photos in our Flashback section.

Re: Building site, All Saints’ Church, Kesgrave

A FRIEND from Kesgrave has kindly sent me the picture of our then Bishop inspecting the progress of work in 1980 on the extension of All Saints’ Church, Kesgrave.

Our Bishop was John Waine - a fine Bishop, the central figure is Derek Woodley - the architect, a most creative and friendly man now sadly no longer with us, and myself the then Vicar, the Revd David Hares.

I was Vicar for 24 years and then moved to Norfolk to some country parishes before retiring to Norwich seven years ago.

As well as receiving support from grant-making bodies, the people of Kesgrave were wonderfully generous in their giving to the project over a period of seven years, to make sure that the church building would serve the parish with all the development that has since taken place.


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Re: Bury Red Cross motorcyle patrol

THE two people in the picture are Roy Herbert and Fred Herbert.

Roy was Commandant of Bury Red Cross and his wife Dawn later became group leader.

I am sure both Roy and Dawn would be pleased to enlighten you more.



ROY was Commandant of the Bury British Red Cross Suffolk 15 Detachment. The bikers are Roy Herbert and his stepson Fred Archer. I am Mrs Dawn Herbert. We were all members.

Roy had the idea of a motorcycle patrol, when on a duty at, I think, Thorpe Park, on a long- distance horse ride.

A rider came off her horse out on the course, which was difficult to get to. As Roy and Fred were keen motorcyclists, he thought it would be a good idea to have bikes on a duty where access was difficult.

We advertised for any bikers interested. About 20-25 turned up at the meeting. When told they would have to join the detachment and take a first aid and nursing course, some decided it was not for them. Then Roy said they would have to take an advanced motorcycle course with the police, whereby a few more decided it was not for them. However, the remaining eight took all the courses and joined the detachment.

They operated for many years at various duties, including the Mildenhall Air Show which we covered with other detachments from the very first air show. The motorcycle patrol was a godsend, with the vast number of the public, they were able to get to anywhere on the ground very quickly.

Roy, Fred and I have now all retired from the Red Cross.



Re: Festival of Music

THE picture shows four brass players from Stowmarket Middle School.

From right to left I believe these to be: Stephen Mayhew, unknown, Mark Mulley (trombones), Steven Leggetter, myself (trumpets).

I think the event may have been a gathering of musicians from the various schools in the area and probably took place at the United Reformed Church, Stowmarket.

I was in contact with Steven Leggetter and Mark Mulley until the mid 1980s. However all three of us moved away from the Stowmarket area about that time.

I now live in Lichfield and continue my brass playing hobby, something I have enjoyed immensely since those days.




Re: Bramford British Legion badge presentation and Letter from Barbara Hornsey

THE picture shows Doug Easton receiving his treasurer’s badge from John Swain who had hardware shops in Needham Market and Stowmarket.

Doug was chief work study engineer at Ransome, Sims & Jefferies Ltd and retired in approximately 1975.

He was instrumental in the organisation of the RS&J factory moves from the docks to the Nacton Works and subsequent reorganisation.

I took the original publication about Doug to show my friends and ex-colleagues, Brian Rudd and Peter Gitsham.

We were all RS&J apprentices and were trained as work study engineers under Doug. We have been very close friends ever since.

I took over the position of chief work study engineer when Doug retired.

Doug was well respected and was a keen bowler and fisherman.



Re: King’s Head darts team 1980

WITH regard to the Flashback photo of King’s Head Dart team, 1980.

From the right in the knitted jumper is Mr Vernon Leathers, next to Vernon in the front is former local butcher Kenny Scarffe, next to Kenny is the late Mr Ron “China” Hynard, next to him is the late Mr Ted Hooper and next is the late Mr Les Charman. Behind him is Mr Geoff Branch, son of the then landlord Peter Branch, who is no longer with us and is between Mr Hooper and Mr Hynard. In front of the dartboard is Mr “Bunker” Hill, sorry I don’t know his Christian name and next is Mr Frank Beaumont (both who have now passed on). On the extreme right in the corner I think is a Mr Savill.

Sadly only three out of that darts team are alive.

Wonderful to see such old faces.



Re: Chelmondiston Primary School touch rugby March 1980

I AM able to confirm the following names as were then. Obviously some may have since changed.

Starting top left to right: Laura Ceaser, Tanya King, not sure of middle top, Tina Willams, not sure of top right.

Bottom left: Robert Ellis, Richard Webb, Lee Robinson, Charles Smith, Steven Gates.

Hope the others may have filled in the gaps




Re: Flashback

I HAVE just seen Flashback and the top picture is of my Nan, Linda Willis (second from the left). Third from the left is her sister Hilda and the lady on the far left is Julie Fox (Hilda’s daughter)

This looks like it was taken in the Guildhall, Hadleigh.



Re: Lavenham Cock darts

I WAS captain of this team that won the league and knock out cup.

Ray Hebditch won the singles cup. I remember because on the way there a car was on the wrong side of the road, Ray swerved to avoid the car and I said to him you should win the singles, it’s your lucky day and mine.

The Dixon League was Hadleigh district area, played on Mondays.


Great Cornard.

WITH some help from some friends we have named all apart from one of the team.

Back row (from left to right): Tony Weavers, Mick Jenner, Ian Howe, Derek Tatum, Brian Peacock, Ray Brown, Chris Twitchett, Ray Hebditch.

Front row: Unknown, Johnny Squirrell, Ben Mills, Frank Cheshire, Albie Frost.




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