Flashback: Memories of pool teams, awards and school productions are shared by our readers

From The Archives East
Pool marathon at Kings Head in Hadleigh
May 1985

From The Archives East Pool marathon at Kings Head in Hadleigh May 1985

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

Re: Hadleigh Kings Head Pool Team

With regard to the photo of the Hadleigh Kings Head pool team, the man in the left holding the CVE is Mr Trevor Holbrow. Next to Trevor is Mr John Dariss, who keeps Hadleigh’s streets really clean. He is the roadsweeper. Next to John is a chap they used to call “Pussy” Hyward, can’t remember his name. Next to him is, as she was then, Debbie Gidney. Next to Debbie is Dave George and finally is a chap they used to call “Basil” Butcher, what the marathon was in aid of I do not know.

S J Grimsey,


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Re: Accounting Awards at Everards Hotel, May 1985

The gentleman presenting the awards is Mr Julian Mobbs, senior partner of Larking Gowen (HQ in Norwich).

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D E Evans,

Bury St Edmunds

Re: Thomas Mill’s High School Production

Gwendoline, in the photo of Thomas Mill’s High School’s production of “The Importance of being Earnest” in December 1981, was played by my daughter Ros Green. She has been, incidentally, one of the EADT’s Feature Writers. The young man, her suitor, was called Gary? When she grew up thoughts of a stage career vanished. She went to Queen Mary’s London University and eventually had three children and a PHD, in that order!

They say pride comes before a fall so I shall watch my step.

Sheila Green.


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