Flashback: Memories of Scouting and a day with Police dog handlers as readers remember the past

Police Dog training at Bury February 1978

Police Dog training at Bury February 1978

More readers have remembered events featured in photos from our Flashback feature

Re: Award to Brantham Scoutmaster, Wednesday, July 31

The boy second from left, front row, is my son, Peter, aged 13. Sadly he was killed in a car accident in Tattingstone on Boxing Day 1984.

He was returning from the Boxing Day race at Haven Ports Yacht Club, Levington. (At that time, we lived in Brantham).

Information of possible interest: The original trophy for that race was an old chamber pot. I managed to find an antique silver (plated) chamber pot (originally made for the Duke of Connaught c1874).

You may also want to watch:

I presented this to our club and the Boxing Day race has been renamed “Pete’s Pot” and is always very well supported.

I trust that this information is of interest.

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Alan Hazlewood,

Trimley St Mary.

Re: Suffolk Dog Handlers, Monday, August 5

The photograph shown on page 31 of the East Anglian Daily Times (August 5) of three Suffolk Police dog handlers – the officers are, from left to right: Pc Barry Burrell (Bury St Edmunds) Pc John Thompson (Ipswich) and Pc Bert Allen (Bury St Edmunds).

Doug Finbow

(Retired Suffolk dog handler)

Re: Lavenham Carnival 1973, Wednesday, August 7

Wow, what a photograph... what hair!

The young men in question are, from left to right: John ‘Sparrow’ Pryke, sadly no longer with us, Adrian Cranfield, Michael Twitchett who used to work for my dad, Greg Sparkes and Clive ‘Gobber’ Southgate, who is my brother in law.

The photo has made me smile all day and has certainly made Clive’s baby brother laugh!

Lucy Southgate nee Simpkin

Re: St Mary’s Hospital, Bury St Edmunds, sale of work, Monday, August 5

This is a photo of my stepdaughter Keren Rout (now Wright) holding a collection of teddies knitted by patients attending St Mary’s Day Hospital.

Her father, the late Dr Michael Rout, was

the consultant geriatrician at St Mary’s and

I worked there as an occupational therapist.

The title of the photo was: “All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth”

Valerie Clift (formerly Rout)

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