Flashback: Memories of time spent in the Brownies and one reader remembers a visit by Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales was in Walton on Naze to officially open the new coastguard centre. Hundreds of

The Prince of Wales was in Walton on Naze to officially open the new coastguard centre. Hundreds of onlookers lined the road outside to greet Prince Charles as he arrived at the new £550,000 centre

More reader memories have been evoked by photos featured in our Flashback feature

Flashback photo: Brownies presentation

My aunt saw the flashback photo of the Brownies’ presentation at St Mary’s Hospital and I was one of them! I’m second on the left in the front row holding the blanket. I remember the names of several of the other Brownies too. Sharon Valentine is to the right of me and between us is Rachel Bugg (you can just see her head). On the other side of the photo, the three Brownies on the front row are Cathryn Darby, Clair Parkinson and Joanne Sullivan. On the second row, middle, is Rosalyn Bradley.

Nicola Murthi (nee Stutter)

Flashback photo: Mothers Union

I do not know the occasion of this event, but I know one lady on photo, the lady in the front right-hand corner. Her name was Eileen Berry and was our next-door neighbour when I was a child. Her eldest daughter Sheila was best friends with my sister Patsy. They are still in touch although Sheila moved away when she married. I think the younger daughter Diane still lives locally, sadly their young brother Peter died a few years ago. I have happy memories of playing next door and going to birthday parties.

Linda Faiers nee Laflin.

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Flashback photo: Bury St Edmunds Procession of Witness

Having been involved with Churches Together in Bury St Edmunds and District for many years (and still involved) I was delighted to see the photo of the 1982 Procession of Witness which has been held on Good Friday for well over 40 years. Nowadays it alternates with the Passion Play but both follow basically the same route. Today’s traffic regulations make it more difficult to organise but it is important to remind the public what Good Friday and Easter are about - God’s love shown in Jesus’ death and resurrection so that we might have full life.

The dancers in the foreground of the picture are members of the Hengrave Community, who ran an ecumenical conference centre in Hengrave Hall then owned by the Sisters of the Assumption. Hengrave played a very active part in Churches Together and their many talented members from all over the world contributed much to many events.

I recognise a number of people in the crowd including The Revd John Williams, then Vicar of St John’s, and The Revd (later Canon) David Lowe and his wife, Barbara, then Vicar of St George’s.

The Revd Canon Richard Norburn

Flashback photo: Prince Charles at Walton on the Naze

The lady in the centre of the photograph with dark permed hair and (rather large) glasses is my mother, Jennifer Wilson. She passed away August 1, 1999 at the age of 49, so would have been 39 in that photo. Myself and all my family were surprised and happy to see this photo, especially so close to the 14th anniversary of her death this coming Thursday.

She loved Prince Charles and Diana, I would have been seven when that photo was taken and I can remember her talking about this day, and telling me how close she got! I think we may even have the original clipping the first time it made the paper, (couldn’t promise though). Thank you very much, she was a very lovely lady, loved by so many people, it’s nice to see she is still making the papers 14 years on!