Flashback: Memories of village life come flooding back for former Brownie

MORE than 20 years ago Rebecca Bray, nee Lawrence, was pictured parading through Bury St Edmunds with other members of the 1st ickworth Brownies.

That was April 1983, but it is a day that Rebecca has not forgotten. She said: “I have been sent a clipping from the East Anglian Daily Times from my father whose friend instantly recognised me from when he was at primary school with me years ago.

“I am the Brownie second from the right, with my hair down and would have been nine years old at the time. My name then was Rebecca Lawrence. Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of the other Brownies with me, however we were all members of the 1st Ixworth Brownie pack at the time.

“I have lived in Surrey now for years but I still visit Ixworth as my father lives there and have fond memories of growing up in the village and remember enjoying Brownies and having a lot of fun.”

Meanwhile, Rosemary Bayliss, of Sudbury, has written in regarding a photo of Cubs from Long Melford - see the gallery above right.

She said: “I was surprised and delighted to see your photo of the Long Melford Cubs of 1982. I had never seen this photo but there was my son Alexander Bayliss looking out at me - second on right.

“The Cubs were on the top of the church tower with the vicar, making a cup of tea for a challenge! The Cub on the extreme left is Roger Wendt, my son’s friend.

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Hopefully somebody else will remember the names of the other lads.”

Barry Tyler recognised his band in Flashback. He said: “The picture depicts members of Barry Tyler’s Original Dixieland Jazz Band at a pre-festival parade.

We were involved with this jolly festival for some years and the Quay Theatre should revive it in my opinion.

Readers who enjoy the best of Dixieland Jazz should go to www.water-rats.co.uk and enjoy a day by the river in the week commencing July 21.”

Flashback evoked memories of a football club fete for Chris Faiers, of Pulham Market, who wrote: “The competitors in the three legged race at Haughley United Football Club fete are from left to right, myself Chris Faiers, Darryl Fisher(?), and Donna Paddy.

“The fete was an annual event in the 80s. Along with the children’s races there used to be a five-a-side tournament between the roads in the village with each team having at least one woman and an under 16 in the side.

“One year I was in the winning Avenues A team. Donna’s, Darryl’s and my parents all still live in the village as did I until crossing the border into Norfolk.”

The Woolpit Steam rally, held again recently, featured in Flashback in June, and G A Seeley wrote: “The photo in Flashback brings back childhood memories of the Cotton Exhibitions. It was held over the weekend of June 11 and 12 that year.

“The model tractor engine shown was owned by J W Hurley from Brightlingsea. I am now the co-organiser of Woolpit Steam and our roots follow on from their Cotton shows. We held an event this year and your newspaper reported this very well.”

Meanwhile, a photo from St Mary’s Church, Grundisburgh, has puzzled readers for weeks.

“I felt sure someone would identify all the ringers in the photograph, and did not bother to reply,” wrote Jo Rothery. “I can only name one of them and that is the lady in the middle, Muriel Page, who lived at Pettaugh.

“She was one of a group who took me under their wing when I learned to ring. She regularly visited many of the local towers such as Framsden, Debenham, Brandeston, Stonham, Tannington and Earl Soham with other well known ringers of the time such as Lester Brett (Framsden), Billy Button (Stonham?), Frank (Earl Soham) and Walter Ruffles and Walter Miller (Earl Soham).

Doreen Hall wrote in regarding a photo of the Woodbridge Townswomen’s Guild, taken in June 1995

She said: “It was (taken at) a visit of a ladies club from Woubrugge (in Holland, as I am sure you will know). Over several years we had some very happy times visiting one another in our respective countries. Some of us still visit each other.

“I know most of the ladies and some husbands in the photograph.

Incidentally, two of the Dutch ladies will be staying with me in August - the one in dark blue, in the centre and the one next-but-one on her left in a red jacket.”

Jen Godfrey said of another Flashback photo: “These are the children of Bury St Edmunds Ladies Circle - members were wives of The Round Table who organised the carnival for many years. The theme of 101 Dalmations was my idea. Several other ladies helped and all the outfits were made by the mums.

Surprise was the reaction of Heidi Lockwood, who said: “How surprised was I when I found a picture of my mum (Elaine Crowe) and myself!

“It was, as you have said the Holbrook bonny baby competition, of which I was the winner! I was one at the time.

“We still have the original cutting from the paper and I believe a certificate. Unfortunately, mum cannot remember the names of the other two participants.

What a great picture, thanks!”

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