Flashback: Mum knows best

A MOTHER who spotted her son in a photo taken nearly 40 years ago sent him a copy to reignite his memories of childhood.

Jeb Howeld said of the Flashback photo: “It was taken in Southwold on Arbor day; approximately 1974/5 I would guess.

“She (my mum) picked me out immediately as the kid third from the right (Jeremy Howeld). We were all attendees at Southwold primary school.

“L-R: Matthew Hackwell, Patrick Woolnough, Jamie Doy, Tina Berry, (unknown head at the back), Tracey Chandler, Geraldine Allen, Ruth Forward, can’t remember the name of the girls in the middle either side of the tree.

“The boy on my right escapes me too. That’s David Palmer holding the shovel and Nigel Purdy at the far right.

“That’s all I can remember other than it being Arbor Day somewhere in Southwold. The tree could have been on planted on some grass around the edge of the school, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

“It might have been on Tibby’s green. I’d like to know if it’s still there. I’ll be keen to see how much information is uncovered.

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“I now live in America and this brought back fond memories of Southwold.”

Another former student Geraldine Allen added: “I happened to be staying with my parents in Kessingland (I now live in Devon) and opened their EADT to find a photograph of Arbor Day tree planting in Southwold from 1975. I am in the picture together with my former school friends from Southwold Primary School. I remember most of their names.

“From the left there is Matthew Hackwell, Patrick Woolnough, James Doy, Tina Berry, Tracy Chandler, myself (Geraldine Allen), Ruth Forward, Carol Fenton, Caroline Hill, Peter Horrid, Jeremy Howell, Nigel Purdy and, finally, David Palmer with the big grin, holding the spade.

“I am pretty certain that the little girl behind Tracy Chandler just her fringe showing was Julia Motts. The other little girl might have been Linda Palmer as I remember she was best friends with Caroline Hill.

“I also remember my M&S navy duffle coat with the red lining which I loved! I was 10-years-old at the time and I believe I was in Mrs Denyer’s class.

“Thanks for printing the photo. I wonder if the tree has survived!

Paddy Tibbenham wrote in regarding a photo taken at Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club and pointed out that he was on the extreme left.

“Next to me is my cousin, Paul Turner.

“The occasion would have been a junior competition, but don’t remember any details. The winner with the trophy was possibly Duncan Lawson.

“It is likely that the Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club will have more information.”

Another surprised reader who has identified themselves in a Flashback photo is Chris Briggs who said: “I was visiting friends in Darsham, to my amazement my friend showed me the Flashback page from September 26, just two weeks previously, and there I was!

“I am the man standing on the right of the picture, the lady in the centre is Jay Jones, chairman of Darsham Parish Council, and the man presenting the trophy was, I think, the deputy or vice-chairman of Suffolk Coastal District Council. I cannot remember his name although I should since his daughter was a colleague of mine.

“I think this was the first time Darsham had entered the competition and I was invited to be part of the presentation since it was at my suggestion that we entered.

“I was working at the Midland Bank in Saxmundham at the time and just three months later I was transferred to Lincolnshire and we moved away from Darsham in June 1987.

“Our love for Suffolk, however, meant that we have returned to Darsham at least once a year ever since to visit friends and enjoy family holidays.

Thank you for bringing back memories of that time. I believe a framed copy of the photograph still hangs on the wall in the village hall to this day.”

A friend of the Clouting family has identified them as the family that bowls.

Linda Anderson sent an email saying: “The family in the picture are Pat and Sheila Clouting and their two sons Ian and Glynn.

“Pat and Sheila played bowls for Saxmundham Sports. They also, with their sons, played at Leiston Consitutional Club. The family all played for the Suffolk County EBF teams.

“In 1987 Pat and Sheila moved to Reydon where Pat managed the Sole Bay Bowls Club.

“I understand that Pat has retired but assists with the World Bowls Tournament at Potters Leisure Centre.”

Rolling back time, Jocelyn Moore wrote regarding a skating photo in Flashback, she said: “I was the National coach GB and head coach at Rollerbury, trainer of the four skaters in your photograph.

“In September 1982 they were just about to represent Great Britain at the European (Italy) and the World (Holland) Championships.

“I stayed at Rollerbury until 1991 when it closed and then moved to teach at Colchester where I continue to teach twice a week.”

Angela Moore added: “The Flashback picture on Monday, October 8 is of the British Rollerskating champions and was taken at the National Roller Skating Centre, Rollerbury which was in the town of Bury St Edmunds at the time.

“My husband Ashley Moore is at the back of the photo after winning the first of ten British titles. The interesting thing is that the day before this was published Ashley, who is a skating coach, took a team of young skaters to their first competition in Clacton where they picked up a first, a second and two bronze medals.

“The young skaters train at Abbeycroft Leisure Centre in Bury St edmunds for the Skatecrazy skating school. The school has gone from strength to strength with three British squad members, two skaters winning internationals in Belgium earlier this year and a whole host of young skaters training at the club.

“It’s very exciting that the legacy of the champions in your picture is carrying on in Bury St Edmunds and a new generation of skaters are being helped to achieve their dreams.”

Sue Doy, of Southwold, wanted to share memories of the 1971 Southwold Lions fete having spotted a picture in Flashback.

She said: “It is my son Tommy Doy. When this picture was in the paper in 1971 the caption under the picture was “A would be George Best”. He was eight-years-old then.

“Tommy was a good footballer and at that age he was kicking a ball about all the time. If he couldn’t get up Tibbys Green he used to practice up the landing. I lost count of the light bulbs that got broken.

“His life long team he has supported is Chelsea. He has played football, even in a veterans team, all his life then he managed youth teams.

“Others in the picture are Sloper, Hurr, Simon Dawson, Alan Palmer, Ronnie Sampson and Mrs Dolly Naunton.

“This was the Southwold football club fundraising stall.

“Thank you for bringing back such happy memories.”

M Penton rounds up this installment of Flashback by adding: “Regarding Bacton Under 5’s, August 1985 in the EADT on October 1.

“The little boy second is my grandson Nathan Penton.”

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