Flashback: Penny for your thoughts

Richard Cranmer provided information regarding the Tower of cash at Bromeswell Cherry Tree (EADT, December 20). “The picture shows Ted and Ruby Cracknell, landlord and landlady, together with Terry Mosely. I believe it is his sister that is about to push over the pennies.”

Kerry Verebelyi of Battisford has provided some information regarding the photo in the EADT on December 17.

“From the left, the people I can remember are: Tommy Easlea and Phillip Earley at the front (Phillip sadly passed away last year). Middle row from the left, Jamie Betts, Trevor Thorpe, Jonathan Hammond, myself, James Rowe, William Burl and Neil Prentice. Back row from the left, John Robertson (sadly passed away also), Marcus Green, Jessica Steele, Kim Hickie.

There are a few faces I just can’t put names to, and some I can’t see! As far as I can remember we were in the throws of a Victorian project and I’m pretty sure we had a school trip to the East Anglian Museum to coincide with it.

We would all have been aged nine or ten at the time, and I believe our class teacher would have been Mrs Smith. Thanks for showing that photo, it has brought back some very old memories!”

Re: Hadleigh Church, December 1986 (EADT, December 3), Gloria Powell was the Guides’ Guider (has been for 41 years with Hadleigh Guides) and can name most of them - “they have all moved on from Hadleigh now but are doing well”.

“The Guide unit is still going strong with another group of great girls helping the community and the wider world. I am still the Guider - you cannot see me very well in the picture - but the lady with glasses is Mrs Sandra Smithson who was a unit helper for many years.

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Myself and other Guiders would love to make contact with some girls who were with 1st, 3rd and 5th Hadleigh as we would like to plan a reunion in 2014.”

“Some things do not change very much. We are still producing these Xmas chrysanthemum blooms and marketing at most of the wholesale flower markets around the country. Today’s photo (December 17) taken in our packing shed features Christine Cooper, Jenny Murphy and Rosemary Barker. All three were working at the nursery when the original picture was taken and two of them can be seen on that picture. Between them they have given 126 years of loyal service.” Ron Geater of Geater flowers.

David Williams noted that “regarding this photograph, the girl in the front row, third from the left, is my wife, Caroline Williams (nee Pascoe). She would have been 10 at the time, living in Hadleigh”.

“A friend sent me the picture of the Woodbridge Lepra fair which took place in November 1980. The gentleman on the left is my brother George who was deeply involved in collecting funds for the leprosy cause.” Daphne Pike from Canada.

Andy Seedhouse from Woodbridge refers to the picture in today’s EADT Flashback (December 22), “the girl bottom right with the bow is one of our twin daughters Victoria Seedhouse, aged six at the time. We took our three children every year to the Rotary organised carol service on Market Hill, Woodbridge and to see Santa.

In fact my wife and I went last Thursday to keep up the tradition but sadly our children are now all grown up and do not join us nowadays!”

“With reference to the photo in the letters page, it was from 1979 and included me! I was the headteacher of Westgate Primary School in Bury St Edmunds and took the children from my school for Christmas toys. The children always had fun as ever! I left the school in 2001 after about 27 years!” Brian Cash of Bury St Edmunds.

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