Flashback: Photos take you back

News of the World Darts Champion Bobby George at The Horn Sudbury January 1980

News of the World Darts Champion Bobby George at The Horn Sudbury January 1980 - Credit: Archant

A WORLD champion darts star was beat by a Sudbury player when he dropped into The Horn.

And Don Smalls remembers the night it happened back in 1980.

He said: “I do remember this story, as I worked with the late Chris Brown at the time of this picture, and I do believe Chris was the only player to beat Bobby George on the night.”

His email came in after the photo reappeared in Flashback.

And Richard Wells shared his memories from 1986 after seeing a Flashback photo of roller hockey players in Bury St Edmunds.

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He said: “Both of my sons are depicted in the photograph. James is the tall fair-haired lad at the back and Ben is in the front in the goalkeeper’s helmet. Also in the photo is my nephew Mark Sheppard and two sets of brothers, M and D Willis and S and D Pearce.

“This Bury team went on to become national schoolboy champions and subsequently won the National Senior Premiership League Title.

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Both my sons played for England in the European Championships and Ben played in the World Championships in Macau in 2004.

“I am pleased to say all the lads, now in their 30s and 40s, still remain good friends.”

Meanwhile, Philip and Pam Turnul wrote regarding a photo of Newborn lambs at Gosbeck Hall in 1980.

The couple, who live at Gosbeck Hall, said: “This photograph was taken at Gosbeck Hall on one of our lamb open days, which we held in aid of St Mary’s Church, Gosbeck during January/February.

“Over the years these became very popular as well as profitable and around £25,000 was raised overall.

“The gentleman holding the lamb is Albert Driver, now in his mid 80s, who was the shepherd here and a loyal employee on this farm for most of his working life.

“Many residents of the village were voluntarily involved in these weekends and I think it’s fair to say, all enjoyed them.

“At that time we were not confronted with all the legislation of today - we probably would not have met the stringent health and safety and hygiene regulations, but as far as we know, no-one suffered and a good time was had by all.

“Happy days!”

Heather Bugg, of Rushmere St Andrew, added: “We were surprised to see our photograph in the EADT.

“My husband, Harry Bugg, is the bearded one and I am at the back with the hat.

In front of me is our son Richard (in hooded coat). He now lives in Alice Springs, Australia. In front of him is our daughter Rachel. She is now teaching at Copleston High School in Ipswich. To the right of Rachel is our daughter Esther – looking down – who lives in Kesgrave.

“We were able to hold the lambs which the children loved and the shepherd at the farm is on the right in the photograph.

Thank you for a happy memory.”

Mrs P Johnson, of Sudbury, shared her memories of another photo.

“The picture of the Ingham School’s pets service in 1976 shows a young looking picture of the likeable Canon Richard Norburn. He was rector of Sudbury in the late 50s/early 60s.

“Rev Norburn was often seen around Sudbury in those days. I think one of his sons also is a clergyman.

“Of course Rev Norburn is well known at St. Nicholas Hospice in Bury St Edmunds.”

A doctor wrote with his recollections from the day Botesdale Health Centre got its first defibrillator.

He said: “I am in the picture - the bearded one. Sitting to my right is Pauline Button then and still chairman of the Friends of Botesdale Health Centre. Standing behind me were my then partners at the Health Centre. Dr Bill Cordeaux my senior partner and Dr Susan Drake. Standing behind the machine is Dick Brandon then treasurer of the Friends. I am not certain about the other two gentlemen though they may be from the British Heart Foundation.

“As I remember, the defibrillator was jointly funded by money raised by the Friends of Botesdale Health Centre and the British Heart Foundation. The Friends of Botesdale Health Centre continues as a thriving organisation helping to provide the best of equipment and facilities at the Health Centre.

“At that time we were one of the first Health Centres to have a defibrillator, they are now of course a commonplace essential item of equipment.”

Writing from Queensland, Australia, Ceri Nicoll helped fill in the blanks about a photo of the Cecilia Singers.

“St Cecilia Singers, a choir based in Bury St Edmunds, was formed by the late Harrison Oxley. It was run very much in the style of a girls’ cathedral choir. Weekly choir practise was required.

“The picture shows Jenny Potter in the foreground on the right hand side, and right behind her, half hiding, wearing glasses, sitting next to Mr Oxley is myself, Ceri Nicoll.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the choir, it was magical. To be taught to sing so well, and to perform in the acoustic splendour many of our cathedrals hold, was uplifting.

“I’m afraid I can’t add any further information on the picture itself or the other choir members, but thank you for printing it as it has brought back some wonderful memories.”

David Bailey sent us an email to say: “I was surprised to be told by an old work colleague I was in the East Anglian. I duly checked it out and to my surprise indeed I was.

The photograph shows myself second in line from the right. To my left is David Newton and to my right is Eric Chambers, although I am uncertain who is next to Eric. The gentleman with the sideburns was our officer in charge Darrel Culpeck.

“It brings back fond memories of sailing, .22 rifle shooting and much practice of knots and rope splicing!

“There was also a healthy amount of square bashing to be done in all weathers. One aspect of what we enjoyed has come full circle and I am now enjoying sailing again with a great bunch down at Slaughden Sailing Club.”

And finally, Elizabeth Cook, of Haughley, shared her memories of a Royal visit to Helmingham.

“The three ladies seen between Prince Edward and Sarah Armstrong Jones are Mary Balaam Smith from Debenham, myself and (partly hidden) my mother Freda Pilgrim of Helmingham whose husband Daniel had worked on the Helmingham Estate all his working life.

“I’m afraid I can’t name any of the other people.”

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