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Belchamp St Paul postman reitres after 20 years January 1992

Belchamp St Paul postman reitres after 20 years January 1992 - Credit: Archant

A WELL-known postman has caught the eye of a Flashback reader, who recognised a photo of Vic Simpson’s retirement.

Mike Hickford, of Ashen Road, Clare, said: “The retiring Belchamp St Paul postman in your picture was Mr Vic Simpson of Sudbury.

“We knew him very well as he was also our postman for many years. Afterwards I met up with him again as he was also a radio amateur and a member of Sudbury & District Radio Amateur Society (SANDRA) of which I am also a member.

“Unfortunately Vic passed away in November/December 2011, aged around 83.”

John Sallows recognsied a not-quite-so-famous face standing alongside Trevor Brooking when the sportman visited Lamberts Sport Shop in Colchester in January 1980 He said: “The person to the left with the pullover on is Tony Howe.

“Tony, known as Howy, worked with us in the composing room of QB newspapers in the early 60s before taking over Lamberts Sports shop.”

Another Flashback reader wrote regarding a photograph of a long service award presentation to special constables in Stowmarket.

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“The special constable on the right of the photograph is my father, Harold Armstrong, who very sadly passed away in 2010” said Penny Root.

“He served many years in the special constabulary rising to the rank of inspector. He was regularly on duty during Stowmarket Carnival and other events, giving support to the regular police and as a young girl I was very proud to see him in his uniform looking every bit a ‘policeman’.

“During his time as a special, he participated in many rifle range shooting competitions, winning cups and awards along the way. The other officers in the photograph are (left to right) Chief Inspector Edward Walker, Sgt Douglas Corcoran and Special Constable Michael Baker.”

Carole Abbott, of Bury St Edmunds, sent a letter to say: “Your Flashback photograph shows the presentation of a cheque from Ladies Circle to Dr Tennant.

“The circle chairman is Kay Hazell and the event was at 18 Westgate Street, the house of Carole Abbott, shown on the left of the picture.

“Also in the picture is Sue Eburne and other Ladies Circle members.”

Identifying the people in a photo from Tattingstone bell chamber, Sue Kerswell said: “The people in the photograph are L to R: The Rev James Lowe, Mrs Bertha Hardman, Ken Sherwin, Barrie Kerswell (my late husband), Norman Thurlow, Storrie Stott.”

Adding her memories, Joanna Standeven, of Tattingstone, said: “The Tattingstone bellringers in the Flashback photograph are all Tattingstone residents, all now deceased, I’m afraid.

“From L to R: Rev Lowe (rector of Tattingstone), Bertha Hardman, Ken Sherwin (scientist with Fison), Barrie Kerswell (BT), Norman Thurlow (electronics engineer BT & Colossus), Mr Stott (head of PE & Suffolk education).

“Norman Thurlow and Bertha Hardman worked on the new bell ringing chamber with other members of the bell ringing team.

“It was a great achievement to rebuild the bell ringing chamber of St Mary’s Church, our village church. You can see part of the new wooden staircase they built.

“We still enjoy fine peals of bells rung by the current team. They practise on Monday evenings and ring for various services.”

Suffolk’s new hunt masters were photographed in January 1977 and Mr S Grimsey wrote to say the photo shows Paul Rackham on the grey horse on the right, who was master from 1971-1984 and Cherry Barclay, who was Mr Rackham’s joint master from 1977-1980.

“On the left of Mr Rackham, and the huntsman was Mr Tom Batterbee who is now retired. The Suffolk hunt had a purple patch during Mr Rackham’s mastership,” said Mr Grimsey.

“I was amazed to see the photo of the Townswomen’s Guild tree planting at Flatford featured in Flashback,” said reader Jo Edwards.

“The woman holding the spade is my late mother, Christine Mabbitt, who was president of the Essex and Suffolk Border Federation of Townswomen’s Guilds at the time and was also a long-standing member of the Shrub End Guild in Colchester.

“I vaguely remember her taking part in the event but I have no idea why they decided to plant a tree at Flatford!

“I have forwarded a copy of the picture to a Guild member and asked her to contact you with more information.

“Thank you for brightening my day with such an unexpected picture (one I have never seen before!).”

Neil Churchman, of Felixstowe, wrote regarding a photo of Hadleigh footballers. He said: “In the photo the person on the right was my farther Bertram Churchman, he was very much involved with the running of Felixstowe Town Football Club.”

And Jane Martland shared her memories of a Sudbury Red Cross Centre wheelchair presentation.

She said: “I was present at the presentation of wheelchairs to the Sudbury Red Cross Centre on January 9,1986.

“The names of those in the picture are, from left to right, Jim Wallace, Biddy Walker, ambulance man (name forgotten), Arnie Alston, Mary Macdonald, Olive Marshall, myself (Jane Martland), Christine Wicks and Ray White.

“We four ladies were volunteers dealing with medical loans from the centre in Cross Street, now converted into a house. We had a dingy office downstairs at the back but enjoyed the lovely views over the meadows when we were able to venture into the overgrown garden.

“I can’t say that I remember the event but it is recorded in my diary.”

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