Flashback: Power of Facebook helps track down student names

A FORMER computer studies student called on an old friend and the power of Facebook to help identify his classroom colleagues.

Alan King has written in with the names of the lads from Farlingaye High School who were captured on film after taking delivery of a new computer.

Meanwhile other readers have written in with their memories after spotting themselves or people they know in our Flashback gallery.

Mr King, of The Paddocks, Martlesham Heath, said: “Regarding the picture of students using new computers at Farlingaye High School in April 1981.

Ironically it took the power of Facebook to get the names of the lads around the keyboard, and by a girl who did not take the computer studies course! So thanks to Debbie Matthews (as she was then).

“From left to right it is: Julian Stannard, Mark Burrows, Alan King and Gareth Jones. That’s right, I didn’t even recognise myself!”

He added: “I think we had just taken delivery of new Research Machine 380z computers, meaning no more sending our programmes on punched cards to the mainframe at Suffolk Council HQ.”

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John Chenery emailed in regarding a photo of Hadleigh United Football Club taken in 1982.

He said: “My son-in-law Dean Skinner has identified the youngster’s, as he is one of them, after I showed him this.”

Back row left to right is Neil Shade, Simon Shade and Steven Pearson. Front row is Ian Daniels, Paul Orriss and Dean Skinner.

Mr Chenery added: “The lady in the background to left of picture (near post ) is Mrs Pam Vardon. The gentleman standing to the right (assume manning the stall) is Peter Gowers.”

Writing about his memories of the same photo, Dave Pearsons said: “The Flashback picture - Cup joy: Hadleigh United FC Gala Day was captioned in 1982 as “Look what our dads have won”. That was because all the boys in the picture were sons of players and officials of the club.

“Hadleigh at that time played in the Ipswich & District Senior Division. 1982 was a particularly successful year for the club, the third team winning their Ipswich & District division; the reserves winning the IDL reserve league and I believe the Mann Broadbent Cup; the first team the Mick McNeil Cup. I am not certain what the other two trophies were.

“The boys in the picture (back l to r) are full back Bobby Shade’s sons, Neil later playing at a good level of local football and my son, Steven, I was assistant manager and full back; (front l to r) midfielder Martin Daniels son, centre back Les Orris’s son and club official Graham Skinner’s son Dean, who later went on to manage the Hadleigh first team.

“Team managers at that time were Doug Wade (1st), “Cuddy” Cousins (2nd) and Robbie Cracknell (3rd).

“I have happy memories of my time at Hadleigh, there was a great team spirit with some lovely characters and a desire to get into the first team because you did not have to pay subs.”

On June 7 we published a photo of Long Melford Country Fair taken in June 1995

Andrew Hagger, President Project Seven, of Long Melford, said: “It was great to see a picture of Long Melford Country Fair (Big Weekend Out). This event was co sponsored by the EADT.

“The event was held in Long Melford Hall Park and organised by Project Seven. It raised �3,000 and �5,000 for local charities, but the event is no longer held owing to spiralling costs.

“The team is the Long Melford PTA coached by Clive Thornley and the names (from Anchor) are Anne Walker, Andea Mallett, Sally Feder, Vicky Stebbings, Barbara Tarsane, Gail Bushell, Lesley Dolphin and Wendy Mortimer.”

Princess Alice visited Framlingham College in June 1964, as Michael Bryenton remembers. He wrote: “HRH was a guest at Henham, home of the Earl and Countess of Stradbroke - she came to lunch at Heveningham House, then home to Brig Sale and his wife who was cousin to Princess Alice of Gloucester.

“I was asked to wait at table. In the evening there was dinner at Henham and again I waited at table. She was a very charming lady and very kind. She was the last grandchild of Queen Victoria to pass away in 1981.

“At her funeral at Windsor most of the Royal family attended. She was laid to rest with her husband at Frogmore. The Earl of Athlone was Queen Mary’s brother.

“She was no stranger to Heveningham, she was a friend of the Vanneck family and attended Heveningham church, sitting in the Vanneck pew which members of the Royals used when at the Hall.”

Meanwhile, John Ives, of Dennignton, wrote: “I left Framlingham in 1950 and our Corps CO was the gentleman shown with Princess Alice. He was my housemaster and an extremely amusing, clever, wit. This was his downfall when reprimanding the Corps! So, he would actually have us all “rolling about” at what he said, rather than feeling ashamed!

“One phrase he used in front of the Company was ‘You spavine/spivane Rookies just stand there and laugh!’ Presumably we were likened to Spivs.”

Mr G Bartrum from Diss wrote to say: “In reply to your request for information on the pea harvesting photo in Magic Memories (June 11).

I don’t have information on the Brockford photograph but you might be interested in the following:-

“My brother, Mr Ronald Bartrum, at the time of the pea growing was employed by the Moore Brothers Farm at Yaxley, near Eye. He was one of the first to cut peas grown for Birds Eye Foods in the area.

“The cutter was mounted on the back of a Fergusson tractor, which had to be driven in reverse. A painstaking job.

“He also used to cut the peas for another grower at his farm in Palgrave. This was a step up from pea picking in sacks mainly done by women, and finishing up with machines that worked in the fields and separated the peas into tanks reading for canning etc.

“I don’t know if anyone has any photos of the occasion. I think the Birds Eye official at the time was a Mr Lee.”

Christine Forrest, of Stonham Aspal, said: “Your flashback photograph which appeared in the Monday, June 4 edition of the EADT shows the competitors of the Young Farmers “Pinta” walk from Bucklesham to Felixstowe.

From left to right are Christine Forrest (me), Anne Hacking (Dairy Maid of Ipswich), Roger Saunders (sitting in the pram), Geoff Morley holding a pint of milk (in a pointed hat) and Robin Hood wearing a smock.

“I was dressed as a witch, hence the mask and hat! It was a very hot day and I was the first girl to finish in Felixstowe.”

Flashback threw up a surprise for Samantha Cale, nee Cable, of Benhall. She said: “What a lovely surprise to see myself, then aged five, and my brother Glyn aged three with our baby donkey in the Flashback photo in your paper.

“My mum used to breed donkeys and she remembers this little one needed a little extra help with feeding so Glyn and I took on the duty.

Carefree, lovely days. Thank you so much for the memory - we have the original photo somewhere!”

Stephen Purkiss emailed in to identify three members of course shown at Witnesham Agri Centre in April 1968.

“Squatting on left Stewart Barnard, Dcd. Fourth from right Kenneth Ogilvy, Dcd. Sixth from right standing Stephen Purkiss.”

Do you share any of these memories? Log on and share them with our readers. or email flashback@eadt.co.uk.

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