Flashback: Revealing the secret of the pink jacket

West Suffolk Hunt meet at Great Ashfield in February 1977

West Suffolk Hunt meet at Great Ashfield in February 1977 - Credit: Archant

THE clue is the colour of the jacket, said Barry Colson as he spotted that a photo of the Suffolk Hunt taken in 1977 was actually a cub meeting.

He said: “The Suffolk Hunt meeting at Ashfield 1977 was, I think, a cub meeting as the gentleman in the front of the photo is Gerald Hudson, local vet from Barrow, who normally wore a pink coat to the hunt meetings as he was a prominent member of the hunt and a black jacket to the less formal cub hunting.

“These took place as soon as harvest was finished and before the main hunting season started. At the time he was joint secretary of the hunt with my father, Leonard Colson of Hawstead, who is on the extreme right of the photo.

“Joint masters at the time were Paul Rackham and Cherry Barclay. The gentleman standing on the left is Tony Woodhouse, hunt supporter and a regular member on foot.”

Meanwhile, Mrs A Miles added: “The photograph is of a Suffolk Hunt Meet held at The Firfield at Great Ashfield in February 1977.

“Among those in the photo are: Far left on foot Nick Leonard, on horse Robert Claydon, the gentleman with the bowler hat is Gerald Hudson, in the middle with horse with white blaze Bryan Freemantle and directly behind him his daughter Angie Freemantle. In the background with a top hat is Gerald Astley-Cooper and on the right George Nixon.”

Crowds lines the streets of Sudbury for the great pancake race in February 1985 with everyone keen to get involved and warm up a little.

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“It was great to see the photo in the EADT of four ladies flipping pancakes on Sudbury Market Hill,” said Mary Davies.

She can be seen in the photo (see our gallery top right), along with Sue Butcher, Chris Shemming, and Judith Letten.

“I think it was a snowy half-term week and the children’s pancake races were followed by the mums’ races - a good way to keep warm,” she recalled.

More pancake memories came flooding back for Mrs Farrow after she saw a photo of Ixworth WI pancake races.

She said: “The ladies from left to right are: Yvonne Farrow, Louise Goldsmith, Dot Goldsmith, Ivy Disdle.”

P A Rackham spotted a photo of his uncle gathering reeds in Flashback and he said: “The person in the foreground is my uncle, the late Cyril Rackham, and in the background his son Peter Rackham; both master thatchers.

“I regret I cannot speak for the third person in the picture.”

However, Diane Rackham wrote to say: “The Flashback picture shows thatchers Mr Cyril Rackham (deceased) sorting the bundles of reed from Bramfield and son Peter with the machine from Westleton, Bobby Stiff feeding the reed in from Lower Raydon.”

Referring to a photo of a Duke of Edinburgh award presentation in Stowmarket, Sandra Hopgood: “The chap on the right is Gordon Fettis who was then the ICI works manager.”

Meanwhile, a photo of a rugby final presentation jogged Ian May’s memory.

“I enjoyed seeing the picture. As I was one of the central figures I think you have got the year wrong – I look too young! I think it was in February 1967 as if it had been 1977 I would have been 31,” he said.

Identifying others in he photo - he pointed out Phil Hardiman, Graham Brand, Ian Adam, Roy Steward and Mike Berriman.

“I just saw the photo of the rugby final presentation in the EADT,” added Tom May.

“The man in the middle, with the blonde hair, holding the cup is my dad Ian May, who owns Victoria nurseries in Ipswich.”

A Rotary club photo was the subject of Ron Hepworth’s thoughts this week.

Mr Hepworth, MBE said: “The photo shows Rotary Club of Woodbridge members in 1984 planting a tree to commemorate the opening of the Turban Centre.

“Councillor Cyril Webb chairman of SCDC (with the spade), president the late Norman Hogg (on the right), others are Rotarians Geoff Ford, Bill Cotton, Wdge town clerk, Neil Parker, Seckford Foundation, Ron Pizzey and the late George Muller.

“The tree is still there.”

And Colin Green said, regarding a photo of the Dove darts team: “It was great to see this photo once again in your Flashback section after all these years.

“I was privileged to be captain of this very good team of darts players. This photo was taken by the EADT when we were aiming for the record run of winning darts matches which stretched over two and a half seasons. This team finally lost their 116 match-run to the Ipswich Arms.

“Players shown standing from back left to right: The late Maurice Nunn, Colin Howe, The late Harry Parker, John McGuire, (captain) Colin Green, the late Keith Felgate, Eric Taylor and Ian Jennings.

“Players kneeling front row left to right: Ron Smith, Peter Wright and the late Jack Willingham.

“The trophies shown on this photo include the LVA Overall League Champions, The Abbott Cup Champions (five pairs) the White McKay Champions (nine singles) Captains Cup, Pairs Cup and Fours Cup.

“I am now playing in my 50th season and remember my seven years as Dove captain with fond memories.”

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