Flashback: Sharing memories of days gone by

FORMER Witnesham Primary student Doug Davey spotted his photo in Flashback and said: “I was surprised to see myself in your Flashback photograph looking around machinery at Otley College in October 1973.

“I was the boy on the left wearing the duffle coat. The boy on the right was Hedley Marsh. We were aged 10.

“We went to Witnesham primary school and went to Otley College for a project.”

Another photo featuring school children was spotted by Elizabeth Clarke, Local History Recorder for Lawshall, who emailed in response to a photo of the Mr Men characters visiting the village primary.

She said: “The children in the photo at Lawshall Primary School are: L to R back row: Anthony Gill, Anita Farthing, Dennis Cornwall, Nicholas Challis, John Edgar and Paul Byford.

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“L to R front row: Matthew French and Lisa Goodchild.”

Names have been put to the faces in a photo taken at the Snape British Legion Christmas Sale in December 1971.

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E Mannall said: “Three boys in front and girl are (left to right): Mandy Felton, Johnathan Last, Paul Mannall and Colin Moore.

“Back (left to right): Me, Edwin, Bryan, George, Chris Berry, Ian Allison, Mrs Allison, Caroline Moore, next lady not known.”

Ian O’B Baker, of Martlesham, shared his memories after spotting a LEPRA picture in Flashback.

He said: “The dusters in the photo almost certainly came from my uncle’s business in Barnet. He used to print on dusters for souvenirs from stately homes, cathedrals, Ford Motors for publicity and had a stock number of lines, in the ‘British Isles’ series. Cats, dogs, trees (all on the picture) plus fish, mammals etc.

“On these he could over print you or your society’s name, as with Lepra.

“His mother, my maternal grandmother, was born in Woodbridge in St. John’s Terrace. She set up home with my grandfather in Finchley and grandfather had an ironmongers shop in ‘Poultry’ in the City of London and after the Second World War he, with my uncle, supplied cleaning materials and these dusters.

“Incidentally he could print at some speed because he did not use silk screen printing but adapted a four cylinder paper printer to hold the dusters tight when they ran over one after the other and produced perfect registration with five colours (no.5 the yellow of the duster!),” he said.

“My father came back to the area, worked as a journeyman at Notcutts and set the business which is still running as the nursery in Martlesham. As my father, S Denis O’B Baker was a member of Woodbridge Rotary Club I believe the event may have been partly organised by them and that is how the dusters came to be there,” he concluded.

“My, how these pictures bring back memories,” said David Grimwood, in relation to a photo of a long service medal presentation.

He continued: “My mother, brother and I were so proud and delighted to see this archive picture of my dad, Jack Grimwood presenting a long service medal to one of his “Observers”.

“Many of your readers will remember my father as Headmaster of Aldeburgh County Primary School and as Church Warden (and occasionally observed on Thorpeness golf course with his friend Horace Vertigen).

“As a boy I can remember my dad taking me to see the underground Observer station on Thorpeness cliff and learning how the work the Observer Corps did was a vital part of this country’s ‘early warning system’.

“A little research with the aid of Chris Parfait has revealed the names of all eight pictured. Five of which have now sadly left us.

“From left to right - back row: Leading Observer Mick Richards (deceased), Observer John Wardley, Observer Ray Morris, Observer Ted Barrett, Observer Eric Hazelwood (d), Observer Eric Newson (d).

“Front row: Chief Observer Bert Cooper (d), Observer Officer Jack Grimwood (d).

The picture of the firemen at Stowmarket showing off their new engine sparked memories for Mr P Dade, who said: “The fireman at the top of the ladder is fireman Barry King, below f/m John Nunn and L/fm Phil Dade. Next to the appliance is left to right: Sub/off George Sodeaux BEM, L/fm Ivan Moore, f/m Roger Green and f/m Peter Cooper.

John, George and Peter are no longer with us.

“Phil Dade went on to become sub officer in charge as did Barry King when Phil Dade retired.”

Gwen and Michael Hardy of Cowlinge emailed to say they had spotted their son in Flashback: “To my delighted surprise I found that I was looking at our youngest son receiving his diploma for completion of his apprenticeship at Clare Craft Pottery.

“David is the young man facing the camera, third from the right. To his right, with the pipe, is Bernard Pearson, the originator of Clare Craft and his wife, Isobel.

“I believe the gentleman with the bald head is from COSIRA who were sponsoring the apprenticeship. The other young man was a thatching apprentice with the thatcher.

“David has continued with his pottery and is teaching it at The Bridge Street Project, Sudbury.”

Meanwhile, Wedny Hughes said: “With reference to the Stowmarket High School prize giving photograph. The students pictured from left are: Caroline Petty, Michael Hughes (my husband), Christine Foulger, Adrian Howlett and Kim Reed.

“I don’t know who the senior men are or any more about the occasion. Following that my husband went on to gain a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Coventry University. Unfortunately, a few years later he was diagnosed with MS and is now totally paralysed.

“We would love to hear from any of his old school friends.”

The Oopening of the 1,000th council house was quite a celebration at the time, as Alison Ellis remembers. She said: “The young fella holding the bouquet is my husband Bob Ellis who was an apprentice plumber for the Direct Labour Organization at that time.”

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