Flashback: Sisters relive their youth

Archery Championships at Rushmere in March 1980

Archery Championships at Rushmere in March 1980 - Credit: Archant

MAGIC memories have been shared by families as Flashback photos remind siblings of their childhood.

Re: Archery competition, Rushmere, March 1980

MY sister has passed the above paper to myself with the flashback photo of an archery competition at Rushmere in March 1980.

My late husband, David Chandler, is the third person going down the line getting ready to load his arrow (in the check shirt). I was also taking part in the competition and believe it might have been the Suffolk Indoor Championship competition.

We belonged to the Willis, Faber & Dumas archery club which had their Sports & Social club at Rushmere and I think this is in their sports hall. I was Suffolk ladies’ champion at one time (might even have been at this competition).

The WFD archery club ran for some time with both my husband and myself helping with the club. I worked for WFD for about 11 years and enjoyed my time with them and the archery club.

I believe that I have a copy of the photo and of the many other competitions that we entered but am unable to look at these at the moment as have had a wrist operation and cannot get into the loft.

Most Read

I would love to know if any other person has been in touch about this photo and in particular if they were a member of the WFD archery club.



Re: Guide Dogs for the Blind - accepting bottles of coins

THE Flashback on page 31 of the EADT shows a picture of the Bury St Edmunds branch of the Guide Dogs for the Blind accepting two bottles of coins from the Glad Abbot pub in Bury St Edmunds which, when counted, produced £253.92.

The picture (from left to right) shows our chairman Mike Clarke, Peter Davies with guide dog Jasper, Keith Undrill with guide dog Keats, Terry Pyke with guide Shelley and I believe the landlord and landlady of the pub.

Sadly Peter, Keith and Terry are now all deceased but Mike, who founded the Bury St Edmunds branch back in 1981, is still the current chairman.

I have also been a committee member of the branch since 1981 and am the current treasurer, hence I had access to the old record books to be able to trace the location and the amount involved in the presentation. I was there at this event as I was married to Keith Undrill.

Many thanks for printing the picture which brought back some lovely memories.


Great Saxham.

Re: Ingham School’s pets church service

I WAS very touched by Richard Norburn’s letter to Flashback.

I am the third child in the picture in the smashing zip-up cardigan (the guinea pig’s name was Tufty). It was my father who was the headmaster and I have very happy memories of my primary school days.

We had a very clear boundary between school and home life and Dad was always Mr Seeley at school. Sadly I went on to a different catchment middle school and lost contact with my friends at Ingham.

My brother, Jonathan, and sister, Rachel, also attended the school and my brother has followed our father into education and is now a primary teacher too.



Re: Careers meeting, Woodbridge School, 1977

MY brother passed me a copy of Flashback of Woodbridge School in 1977.

I can identify most of my colleagues in the careers meeting in the sixth form common room at Woodbridge School - most are in the lower sixth:

Standing, left to right: Henry Burstall, Colin Hawes, Christopher Fraser, Jeremy Sharp, Nick Revett, Peter Lister, David Ward, Tracey ?, Stephen Bawdsey, could be a young Nick Griffin of BNP fame but I am unsure, David Edwards, unknown, the top of Stuart Holland’s head and an external careers speaker. Middle row, sitting between the rows: Penny Good, Alan Hutchinson. Front row, sitting: Paul Adamson, the female who is obscured could be Lizzy Yoemans, Charlotte Hide, ? Harvey, Neil Ravenscroft, Tessa Young, Mr Moore (physics master), unknown guest. It would be great to fill in the missing names.




Re: Copdock & Washbrook WI Diamond Jubilee

REGARDING the photo of Copdock and Washbrook WI Diamond Jubilee celebration in February 1979.

I remember it well and was there with my mum.

Looking at the photo my mum, Mrs B Cullum on the right (striped dress), is next to Mrs Whitten, Mrs Barber, Mrs Stinston (federation president), and another lady I do not know.

Brought back good memories.


Martlesham Heath.

I REFER to the women from the left, fourth in line with dark rimmed glasses, peeping over another women’s shoulder.

Her name was Doris Barber. She was my grandmother’s younger sister; my great aunt. She lived in Washbrook with her husband George Barber.

Her maiden name was Clowe. She had two other sisters Lilly and Kitty along with my grandmother Vera Margaret Buxton (nee Clowe), also a brother Bill.

My grandmother Vera was born in Holbrook and went on to live in Freston.



Re: Footballers from The Abbey, Woodbridge School, February 1993

WE have managed to identify all the young footballers from The Abbey, Woodbridge School in February 1993 as featured in your Flashback.

Back row (left to right): Stephen Hudson, James Piercy, Alastair Maidment, Andrew Wark, Ian Kitson, Andrew McNeil (top), William Hardcastle, Phil Hollinshead, Rupert Marlowe.


Head of marketing and development,

Woodbridge School.

Re: Venture Scouts

THE photo you have in the EADT is of two Venture Scouts by the name of Mark Winter (on the left) and David (Biddy) Baxter (on the right) being presented their Queen Scout award (sorry not Bob a Job) by the late Fred Footer.

I know this as I’ve known all three all my life. Mark and David were both Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts and leaders from 1st Bury Scout (Mayor’s own) group.



Re: Flashback

WHAT a Flashback! I cannot remember the photo being taken.

I am the young lady on the left side in the sheepskin coat. I had a great time, handling the guns, and driving the lorries. I however did not sign up.

CAROL LAWRENCE (nee Constable),

Willcox Avenue,

Bury St Edmunds.

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