Flashback: Sponsored bed push and a crabbing event at walberswick are remembered

From The Archives East
Sponsored Bed push sets off from Aldeburgh July 1983

From The Archives East Sponsored Bed push sets off from Aldeburgh July 1983

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Flashback: Sponsored bed push July 1983

Re. bed push from Aldeburgh to the Griffin, Yoxford, in July 1983.

This was in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital, yet another way of raising funds by customers and the landlords (Mike & Vera Stannard) of The Griffin, Yoxford.

The amount raised over the years was in the thousands!

The names of the people in the photo are: Nigel Minter, Ricky Newson, Roger Booty, Paul Holmes, Teresa Foreman, Tonia Stannard, Geoff Vincent, Dale Stannard, Sandy Cleveland (sadly no longer with us) and bedbound D J Rob Chandler.

Mike & Vera Stannard,

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Flashback: August 1984

The EADT shows a photograph caption of “It’s back to August 1984 again. Do you remember this crabbing event at Walberswick?”

For your information the man in the silly hat was me. That year the fourth British Open Crabbing Championship, won by young Edward Hubbard. Crabbing has been practiced in Walberswick since way back in the prehysterical era and since time immoral!

The championship, originally started in 1981 intended to raise a few quid for the then local hospital at Blythburgh, ran for 30 years and raised many thousands of pounds for local, national and international charities before becoming a victim of its huge, and unexpected, success and created risks that we felt could not continue under its existing format.

While the idea of reinstating a new format continues, many of the original foundlings are alas no longer with us but we still continue to investigate possible options.

Robin Buncombe,

Vice president (media relations) British Crabbing Federation, now in extinction.