Flashback: Sponsored cyclists in Saxmundham are remembered

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Gateway Club ride in Saxmundham July 1982

From The Archives East Gateway Club ride in Saxmundham July 1982

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Re: Sponsored cyclists - Saxmundham Day Centre

I was surprised to see a photo of myself on page 31 of the EADT with the Gateway Club, (adults with a learning disability) in Saxmundham.

My maiden name at the time was Elspeth Cummings and I was the specialist social worker for people with learning disabilities. We had a very vibrant 80-strong Gateway Club which met at the Saxmundham Adult Training Centre which is now the Fromus Centre.

Elspeth Gibson,

By email.

Following up from your photo of sponsored cyclists leaving the Saxmundham Day Centre. The Saxmundham Gateway Club went through a very successful period between 1975-1990, it provided leisure activities for the disabled people of the Saxmundham/Leiston area.

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For many years the club, run by volunteers, took between 30 to 60 people away for an annual holiday, including one to Holland. The holidays were expensive and a wide range of fundraising events were arranged by the volunteers to raise this money. This photo is of one such fundraising event.

Organised by Sara Boast (15) dark haired, mid picture, row three she involved her sister (mid from row), mother (not in picture) as well as three disabled members seen in picture and other friends and volunteers. Her brother sits watching the cyclists depart. Sara’s father was joint leader of the club and drove the support vehicle and the coach for all holidays.

Today the Boast family are still heavily involved in care for disabled through the Suffolk Family Carers & Social Care sector, trying to ensure high standards of care are maintained.

The venue, Saxmundham Day Centre, is now the Fromus Centre and continues to provide day support to some local people. The hostel that used to stand opposite is now a derelict waste site fenced of from the public.

Bing Boast,