Flashback: Sponsored walks, the Home Guard and a sheep sale are remembered

Ingham Sheep Sale August 1986

Ingham Sheep Sale August 1986

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

Re: Elmswell Sponsored Walk (Magic Memories, October 21)

The photograph shows Stewart Darge (second right) alongside Bill Jackaman, Dr Anne Nicholls and the mayor at the time.

Stewart received support from Headway West Suffolk after a brain injury and walked from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise funds for the charity.

Bill, who was chairman at the time, remains a trustee and Dr Nicholls is a patron. Both were founding members of Headway in 1986.

Headway West Suffolk is now based in Northgate Street Business Park in Bury St Edmunds and supports over 50 people each week who have sustained an acquired brain injury through our specialist day and community services.

Headway helps individuals improve speech, cognition, skills and self-esteem through a range of activities and re-integrating into hobbies and interests.

This year we need to raise £25,000 through fundraising to enable our services to continue. You can find out more by telephoning 01284 702535 or visiting: www.wsheadway.com.

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David Crane,

By email.

I have some information on the photograph that appeared in the EADT. The man who completed the walk is a good friend of mine called Stewart Darge. Around two years after the walk he moved to Whitby, North Yorkshire, where we often go and stay. His mum and brother still live in Elmswell.

He still walks a lot, and has competed in the London Marathon.

Steve Coombes,

By email.

Re: Norton Home Guard (Flashback, October 21)

The photo submitted by Bill James in which he recognises his father together with Walter Howes and Mr Page, also shows my father, Stanley Cross, who is the first on the left in the back row. Stanley was head gardener for Colonel Royce-Tomkin, the squire of Little Haugh Hall, but sadly died early in 1946 and his family moved to Bury.

Walter Howes was a member of the local farming family and Mr Page owned the bakery opposite what was then the Fox and Hounds.

I was only six at the time but I believe these memories to be fairly accurate.

Brian Cross,


Re: Ingham Sheep Sale (Magic Memories, October 14)

The picture in the Magic Memories feature of Ingham Sheep Sale in 1986 is of myself, holding the sheep, with my father Bob Ketley to the left of me in the background.

Not sure of the other people – probably Jeremy Loveys the young auctioneer of Lacy Scotts, and that could be the back of Chris Chamley from Pebmarsh.

My family were farming at Brickhouse Farm, Colchester, at this time The family always supported the Ingham Sheep Sales, selling several hundred sheep and also purchasing on the same day.

Gerald Ketley,

By email.

Re: Red Cross babysitter awards at Thurston Upper School (East Anglian Daily Times, September 26)

The small child giving out the awards is my son Oliver Lindsay. At the time, his father, Alan Lindsay, was a teacher at Thurston Upper School. Ollie was two in the photo. He is now 21 and is at university in London reading criminology and criminal justice.

Trudy Lindsay,

By email.

Re: Busy workers at Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Bradfield Woods (East Anglian Daily Times, October 23)

The photograph of “busy workers” at Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s (SWT) Bradfield Woods includes many people still involved with SWT some 27 years later. Pete Fordham (on the far left) is still our warden for Bradfield Woods and was awarded an MBE for his role there. Peter Holborn (next on the left) became head of environment for Suffolk County Council and has been a volunteer warden for Suffolk Wildlife Trust since 1986 (and is now a trustee). Next in line is me at the start of my career in nature conservation as a volunteer at Bradfield Woods!

The three women on the right are Juliet Hawkins, now SWT’s farmland adviser, Rosie Lean, then the trust’s woodland adviser, and Sandra Cass. Sandra was chairman of our Haverhill wildlife group in 1986 until her untimely death earlier this year.

Your photograph reminded me of the loyalty and commitment of our 1,000 volunteers who help make Suffolk a better place to live.

Julian Roughton,

Chief executive,

Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

Re: Cycling (East Anglian Daily Times, October 4)

I was on holiday when the Friday, October 4 edition of the EADT was available. Fortunately a cyclist friend saw the Flashback picture and despite the passing years – plus change of both colour and quantity of my hair – recognised me as the rider in the centre rear of the photograph and passed a copy to me.

The little girl on the tricycle, directly in front of me, is my daughter, two-and-a-half years old at the time – now 35 years old and married with a five-and-a-half-year-old son.

I still cycle with my club, Cycle Club Sudbury, albeit more slowly than in 1978. Happy days.

David Fenn,


Re: Needham Market pupils (Flashback, October 16)

I believe the photograph was more likely to have been taken in 1965 when the seven girls were first-year pupils at Needham Market Secondary Modern, not the middle school which I believe had not quite come in to being.

The pupils were, left to right: Jill Whelam, Susan Wright, Sandra Burl, Angie Thorpe, possibly Susan James, not sure about the next one and Cheryle Fordham.

This lot are all coming up for 60 years old. Where did it all go?

Allan Winchester,

By email.

Re: Presentation to St Nicholas Hospice in 1986 (Flashback, October 14)

I was manageress of Clinton Cards in Sudbury in 1986. My staff and I did a sponsored walk from Clacton to Walton and back to raise money for the hospice.

The people in the picture are (left to right) Gaynor Lefley, Yvonne Goddard, Deborah Cutts, Susan and Marion Burke and Joy Blake from the hospice.

The dog named Barney belonged to Stuart Letten who also walked with us.

Yvonne Shelton

By email.