Flashback: Stowmarket young farmers and lunch friends are remembered

Stowmarket Young Farmers with their dancing trophies February 1989

Stowmarket Young Farmers with their dancing trophies February 1989

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

Re: (Flashback, March 21)

Imagine my surprise when I arrived at friends for lunch to see the Flashback photo (March 21) on their front door under the heading ‘Wanted’.

Yes, the grown-up in the photo was myself, Val Matthews, wearing the Victorian wedding dress I had worn in 1971. My daughter Rebecca is on my lap and my son Jonathan is the little boy on the right. Both are now in their late 30s with their own children.

When the grandchildren saw the picture I was pleased that they recognised me as Grannyval but they were hard to convince that the little boy wasn’t Will who is now three as Jonathan was in the photo.

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I am still an active member of Trinity Methodist Church but have failed to identify any of the other children.

I don’t remember seeing the original photo so it was fun to find it 36 years on.

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Thanks for the memories.

Val Matthews,


Re: Stowmarket Young Farmers with their dancing trophies, February 1989

The trophies were in respect of a drama competition in which Stowmarket won the county round.

The names of those in the picture are - back row from left: David Cleary, Kathy Rand, David Cutting, Georgina Newson, Matthew Cutting, Freddie Orford, Claire, Diana Watts, Helena Marper.

Front row from left: Julie Blowers, Robert Hale, Geoff Rand, James Newell, James Cutting, Dawn Rednall.

David Cleary,


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