Flashback: The Home Guard and the “in” place to eat are remembered by our readers

The Norton Home Guard 1943

The Norton Home Guard 1943 - Credit: reader pic

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

I have submitted a photo of Norton Home Guard in 1943 which I have just found. I wonder if any readers recognise anyone?

The man sitting in the middle is my father Tony James, the man standing second from the right is Walter Howes and the man standing third from the right is Mr Page.

Bill James, Winston.

Re: The opening of the New Bell Inn at Cretingham in September 1967

The photo is of John and Audrey Appleby who bought and created “The New Bell Inn”.

The Bell became the “in” place to eat; I am sure due to Audrey’s homemade food and lovely homemade puddings and John being the perfect gentleman landlord.

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After retiring from The Bell, John and Audrey became bored and came out of retirement and for many years ran what was known as “The Saxtead Volunteer” at Saxtead.

This became a very busy and popular drinking and eating house. It was at Saxtead that I was privileged to work for them.

The food was all home cooked fresh vegetables and delicious homemade puddings. Audrey and John were perfect employers, who worked as hard as their staff. It was like a big family working together.

With Audrey’s sense of humour and John’s quiet caring ways little wonder The Bell and The Volunteer were so popular.

John, although not in great health, is still the same quiet gentleman and Audrey still has that mischievous sense of humour.

Doris Dearing,

By email.

Re: Magic Memories (October 14)

Regarding the picture in the paper on Monday, October 14 the man holding the sheep is Gerald Ketley (farmer) and his late father Bob Ketley is standing behind him.

Barbara King,

By email.

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