Flashback your memories: Table tennis, feeding lambs and a vintage ploughing match are remembered

From The Archives East
Children feeding Lambs at Eye
January 1981

From The Archives East Children feeding Lambs at Eye January 1981

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

Re: Table tennis event at Southwold, January 1981 The lady on the left with the bat is Mrs Eva Chapman, behind her is her husband, Harry Chapman and the lady in front with glasses is Mrs Florry Bosby. All Southwold locals.

The gentleman playing is Mr Phillip Bowman Smith. He and his wife Ena used to spend their holidays in Southwold at the Crown Hotel where I worked and served them.

When they retired they came to Southwold to live and their home was opposite mine.

They fitted in so well, joining the RNLI fundraising committee, the church and other organisations in the town. A lovely couple and very good neighbours.

Sue Doy,


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Re. Children feeding lambs

On January 21 you printed a picture of some children in Eye feeding lambs in 1981

It was a playschool trip to Oak Lawn Farm, Eye.

In the picture are Simon Tatum, Emma Moore and Rebecca Gibbs. Thirty-four years later Simon is a sergeant in the army in Wiltshire, Emma is teaching in Warwickshire and Rebecca is a nursing sister in Norwich.

They still keep in touch with one another.

Joyce Tatum,


Re: Vintage ploughing match at Onehouse Hall, October 1981

With reference to Magic Memories (EADT, January 19). The picture is of my late father, William Rose, known as Billy Rose of Onehouse; he is on the left of the picture.

He was one of the judges of the vintage ploughing match taken at Onehouse Hall on October 1981.

I would like to know who the person on his right was.

John Rose,


Re: Replacement of 150-year-old whale bones, Rattlesden, August 2000

Regarding the photo on the top left of the page featuring the team responsible for replacing the Rattlesden “whalebones”, which were rotting with oak facsimiles.

From left to right those involved were: Andrew Scott, Lee Patterson, Tony Terribile and Neil Hursey.

Neil died a few years ago, Tony has recently moved to Haughley and Lee still lives in Rattlesden.

I have no recent news regarding Andrew.

Kevin Widdick,


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