Flashback your memories: Vintage plough match and Stowmarket bells return

From The Archives East
Return of Stowmarket Church Bells
February 1967

From The Archives East Return of Stowmarket Church Bells February 1967

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Re: Vintage plough match at Onehouse Hall in October 1981

I am responding to your request for information regarding the picture shown on page 28 (EADT, February 2) from the vintage ploughing match held at Onehouse Hall in October 1981.

The person standing next to Billy Rose is my late father Ken Holland. He worked for 50 years in the agricultural industry as an agricultural machinery engineer and laterly machinery salesman for Thurlow Nunn Standen of Elmswell. He was a very active competitor in ploughing matches around the country, in particular the reversible class in which he eventually became national champion. After his retirement his involvement with ploughing continued as he became a committee member with the Society of Ploughmen and a respected judge.

To this day the reversible class at the National Ploughing match sees the Ken Holland Memorial Trophy awarded to the winner.

I hope this is of interest to your reader John Rose.

If he would like any further information I should be happy to oblige.

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Keith Holland,

The gentleman on the right of the picture is Mr Ken Holland who worked for Thurlow Nunn Standen for many years as demonstrator/salesperson.

He was a well-known ploughman and took part in many ploughing competitions.

John Thurlow,

Bury St Edmunds.

The picture features the late William Rose, known as Billy on the left and the late Ken Holland on the right. Ken was employed by Nunns of Elmswell which became Thurlow Nunn Standen at Elmswell, supplying MF tractors and was a demonstrator and salesman in his latter years with the company. He was also recognised as a master ploughman I seem to recall, giving demonstrations, judging ploughing matches and competing at high levels. I still follow his advice when I try to set my plough to this day, at the start of the season!

Peter Knott,


RE: Return of Stowmarket church bells in February 1967

It was good to see the photo of Stowmarket’s church bells being returned in February 1967.

I was 16 when the bells came back after some years absence. I remember how wonderful it was to hear them again.

When my grandfather passed away that April, I recall my family sitting around the house, all of us subdued and feeling a little lost. Suddenly the bells began to ring out - perhaps it was practice night.

Not a time for celebration, perhaps, but it felt like a suitable commemoration of the old man’s life.

Dudley Diaper,


RE: Carlow bread distribution at the Bull Hotel, Woodbridge, February 1981

I was at a funeral at Seven Hills Crematorium when I was shown a photo on your Flashback page of a lady I believe is my aunt Alice Kistner of Princethorpe Road, Ipswich. She was a widow and was about 86 when this photo was taken. She was originally married to Felix Kistner who was a retired London baker. Felix died in 1972 and Alice died in 1990. Her maiden name was Hawes and she was born in Stradbroke. My mother Marjorie was her younger sister.

Alice ran away to London when she was a teenager and met Felix when he was a soldier in Dulwich Park when he was on leave from the First World War. Their 50th wedding anniversary was featured in your paper (Ref. 20948-17A).

I have no idea how Alice managed to get to Woodbridge as my wife and I lived in Romford at the time and she rarely ventured out alone. We used to visit her at weekends when possible. It would be interesting to find out how she got there.

Peter Condon,

Maldon, Essex.

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