Flashbacks: Pony picture brings back memories

A PICTURE capturing the events at a Suffolk Pony Club brought back memories for three residents with an eagle eye.

Julia Hicks wrote in after seeing the picture. Ms Hicks, who is membership secretary at Easton Harriers Pony Club said: “I don’t have any details about the children shown but I can tell you that it is not EASTERN Harriers Pony Club it is EASTON Harriers Pony Club and has been since it was founded in 1935.

”Although now entirely separate, most Pony Club branches were originally associated with hunts and the Easton Harriers is no exception.

“The hunt is also called Easton Harriers like the village of Easton where the kennels are.

“As such a long established local paper the EADT really ought to know that but it is frequently printed as Eastern so I thought it was time to bring this to your attention.”

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Meanwhile, Janet Gooda, of Ashfield in Stowmarket, was able to give a bit more information about the photo itself. She said: “These five brilliant ponies and their riders qualified for Wembley, Horse of the Year Show 1965.

They were left to right: Brandy and Jane Sumner, Danny and Marion Hawes, Black Magic and Ann King, Ali Baba and Graham Whitehead (my brother) and Zaino and Julia Houchell.”

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Meanwhile, Carol e-mailed in and said: “I recognise the pony second on the left as the pony I had as a child, his name was Danny.

“I had much fun with him at the local shows winning many rosettes. Sadly I outgrew him and he was sold to Mr & Mrs Meggs for their daughter Anita.

“They, at that time, ran the Cherry Tree pub in Woodbridge where Danny was kept. Anita went on to do a lot of winning with him I have not seen the family for 50 years but your photo prompted a lot of memories. Thank you.”

Sally Thomas (nee Kitchen), of Ipswich, wrote in after recognising a photo of the Barn School, in Gromford, Snape. She said she recognised it because she found a copy amongst her mother’s possessions when she moved out of her home.

She said: “My middle sister and I believe the dancer on the extreme right is our sister Mary Tulman (nee Kitchen) who lives in Westerly RI. She moved to the USA in 1966 and married there in 1967.

I was also taught dancing by Miss Gartside, as we called her, at Fairfield Preparatory School in Saxmundham. which I attended from 1951-1959, my sister Jane Kitchen attended the same school from 1949-1955.”

The snap of the Mendlesham Fete, reprinted in the East Anglian Daily Times on August 22, brought back memories for Tom Gray.

He e-mailed in to say he appears in the photo alongside some of his siblings.

He said: “I and a couple of my siblings appear in this photo - From left: Andrew Gray (grumpy dwarf), Rowan Armes (With rope), John Herron (Snow White), Rachel Gray (white beard), Robyn Armes (Waving), Angie Armes (holding child who is Holly Armes - not sure what costume she has on). Front is Hazel Larimer and Thomas Gray (me - with eyes


“Armed with tights and false beards, we opened the Mendlesham St Mary’s fete at the Holly’s on Hobbie’s Lane in August 1989. I was three so I don’t really remember it.”

The Flashback photograph of the Layham Show in 1981, was a sight which Mr Grimsey from Hadleigh, was pleased to see.

He said: “The man on the right is the late Mr Peter Girling who lived in Upper Layham and was a keen gardener and a local character. On the left is Mr Bobby Bennett who used to live in Upper Layham and who was, along with his late brother Ron Bennett, keen pigeon fanciers and racers and could proceed to coo like a pigeon and always said his pigeons were a-cooing.”

It was a snap that caught the eye of a number of people, with other writing in to give us some background to it.

Gary Girling said: “The picture was of my late father Peter Girling presenting the trophy to Bobby Bennett.

“Peter was chairman of the Layham Gardening Club which had Paul Mariner as president. Both Peter and Bobby were also long standing members of the Hadleigh Fur & Feather Society, proudly showing their poultry as far a field as London.”

Meanhile, Carl Bennett, said: “The gentleman on the left is Robert Bennett my Dad. He unfortunately now has Parkinson’s and dementia and is at the Lodge at Copdock. Peter Girling is the other gentleman, he passed away a few years ago. They both shared a passion for gardening.

The village show was always a good gathering with some unusual shaped vegetables and always got the competitive streak out of all the residents.”

A picture of some youngster enjoying a trip aboard a vessel caught the eye of Doris Woolmer. She said: “You asked for more information re the above Flashback. The gentleman with the glasses in the foreground is my late husband. “The chap lying down is Frank Bacon and the young boy in the boat directly behind him to the right is his son.

“My husband was involved with Young People Afloat for quite a few years and our own son and daughter also used to go sailing at Lackford.

“My husband always liked the water and sailing and he also helped in the restoration of a sailing boat which the club acquired.

“I can’t recall the name of the other gentleman in the picture but perhaps someone else will.”

A picture taken at Bramford Methodist Church rang bells with David Holmes, of Halesworth, who was able to identify the man in the light suit with a centre parting.

He said: “I cannot name the clergy, but the man standing in front is George Thomas, Labour MP for Cardiff West.

“He had been Secretary of State for Wales and a year or two later became Speaker of the House of Commons. Later still Lord Thomas of Tonypandy. He was a lifelong Methodist, had been chairman of the Methodist Conference.”

The picture of the Burstall Flower Show from July 1981 and printed in Magic Memories on September 3, caught the eye of Alison Bullock, who is pictured in the shot.

She said: “I AM riding the little grey pony on the left hand side of the photograph her name was Noddy and my name at the time was Alison Cobbold. The other girls in the photograph are my dear friends from High School - Suzannah, “Jane, Charlotte and Rachel Budd and their pony Pippa.

“What fond memories I have of us hacking over to the Burstall Show every summer to take part in the Gymkhana.

M F Grenham e-mailed in to give us more details about a photo of a Wendy house presentation.

“Anne Herring the wife of Ray Herring is the woman in the pink and blue jacket with the “chain of office” around her neck. She is standing to the left of the Wendy house. As she has the “chain of office” around her neck I would guess she was the chairman of the Saxmundham Ladies Club in 1996.”

If you remember these events, email flashback@eadt.co.uk, to buy a copy of one of these photos email sharon.clarke@archant.co.uk or click on the myphotos24 link at the top of the page.

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