Flood update: AA warns motorists about driving in flood water after rescuing dozens of drivers today

Car stuck in flood waters - library photo

Car stuck in flood waters - library photo - Credit: citizenside.com

The AA’s emergency weather team last night and this morning, was asked to stand by for the Fire and Rescue Services in Hull to provide its specialist water rescue team to assist with victims caught in floods.

Darron Burness, head of AA special operations said that the emergency services appreciated the availability of trained water rescue staff as well as the off-road capability of the team’s Land Rovers.

“While there remained concern that high tides late this afternoon may cause further flooding along the East Coast and the Thames Estuary, the threat of the tidal surge, in some locations the highest for 60 years, has been managed extremely well by the Environment Agency and emergency services.

“Unlike 1953, when there was extensive flooding along the east coast, householders and motorists have been kept well informed and most have heeded warnings to evacuate their homes when necessary and move their vehicles away from danger. Flood defences built over recent years have also more than paid for the investment put in to them, too.”

Darron Burness reiterated his warning to drivers not to attempt to drive through standing water left after the tidal surge.

“We have already rescued dozens of motorists who have become stranded in water,” he said. “Flood water is dangerous – the water can conceal hazards such as debris or uncovered drains where flood water has displaced iron work.

“If the water is moving, don’t even think about driving through it. Only 30cm or a foot of moving water is enough to float a car and you could be swept away into even deeper water, putting your life at risk.”

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You can follow regular updates and driving advice from AA Special Operations on Twitter: @AASORT while there is also a weather blog http://www.theaa.com/emergency