Review: Birdhouse food truck, Fornham All Saints - 'Fun, filling and tasty - top notch takeaway'

Lee Cooper stood in front of his food truck, The Birdhouse

Lee Cooper, head chef at All Saints Hotel, has opened a brand-new food truck that serves takeaway food - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Our food reviewer Mark Heath and his wife Liz went to try the Sunday brunch offerings from the Birdhouse food truck in Fornham All Saints. Here's what they made of it...


Like so many other eateries in the Covid-19 pandemic, the popular All Saints Hotel in Fornham All Saints has had to get creative in a bid to keep serving through the lockdowns.

Head chef Lee Cooper came up with the idea to serve takeaway food from a catering truck in the hotel car park, and it's proved inspired thinking.

My foodie social media timeline has been packed with folks raving about the offerings, so we decided to head along on a Sunday afternoon to give their Sunday brunch menu a whirl.

A side on photos of The Birdhouse food truck

The Birdhouse food truck is situated outside of the All Saints Hotel in Bury St Edmunds - Credit: Charlotte Brown

First up, ordering - and it's dead simple. Peruse their menu on Facebook, then just give them a call and arrange a pick-up time. They have limited delivery available too.

Aware that we were to pen a review - and out of duty to you, dear readers - we ordered up a storm - the Suffolk breakfast burrito, the steak and eggs brioche, some buttermilk pancakes and a couple of smoothies too, red berry and banoffi.

Upon arrival, we parked in the car park, I strolled over to the truck - facemasks all round, even outside - paid, and went back to the wagon to await delivery.

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The food was duly deposited via the passenger-side door, and off we went.

Steak and egg brioche

The steak and eggs brioche from the Birdhouse foodtruck in Fornham All Saints - Credit: Liz Heath

I started with the steak and eggs brioche, and a mighty meal it was too. Absolutely rammed with thickly-sliced, medium rare steak, a huge fried egg and a couple of hash browns, this was the stuff of dreams.

The steak was tender and not at all chewy, while the yolk from the egg mixed well with the hot sauce to coat everything captured betwixt the sweet brioche bun.

And who doesn't like hash browns? In this case, they brought a crunchy, carby edge to proceedings. Delicious.


The Suffolk breakfast burrito from the Birdhouse foodtruck in Fornham All Saints - Credit: Liz Heath

Liz, meanwhile, had bravely tackled the burrito - an absolute brick of beans and meat, vaguely akin to a Man v Food challenge. Indeed, this was a such a hefty offering, you could easily share it between two, if you're after a lighter brunch bite.

It was crammed with filling too - bacon, those hash browns again, pulled pork, cowboy beans and a fried egg for good measure. Tasty, a real depth of flavours and very filling.


The Suffolk breakfast burrito from the Birdhouse foodtruck in Fornham All Saints - a mighty bite! - Credit: Liz Heath

Like the heroes we are though, we battled onwards, lifting the lid of our shared pancake dessert and getting stuck in. Side note: We'd brought our own cutlery, and it was needed here - something to bear in mind if you're plumping for pancakes.

The pancakes were fluffy, light and sweet, paired with the classic maple syrup combo, plus a tasty little berry compote, which also worked very well.

All that's left to mention then is our smoothies - and these too were good. My banoffi was, as the name suggests, banana and chocolate goodness, while Liz's red berry was sharp, fruity and creamy. 

All in all, an excellent Sunday brunch - tasty, filling and fun.


The buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup from the Birdhouse foodtruck in Fornham All Saints - Credit: Liz Heath

Eat in car

We decided to eat the food while it was freshest and piping hot, and there are plenty of places to park if you fancy that option.

You could, of course, take it home, but I think this is the sort of food which is going to taste best eaten straight away, rather than re-heated.

Good for the environment

All the packaging for our food was recyclable, which is always good to see.

Even the smoothies were in plastic glasses with paper straws - a nice touch.


The red berry (left) and banoffi smoothie from the Birdhouse foodtruck in Fornham All Saints - Credit: Liz Heath

Not just Sunday

We enjoyed the Sunday brunch menu, but there's plenty more to explore at other times - the truck serves between 4pm and 9pm, Thursday to Saturday, and 10am-2pm on Sunday.

The regular menu is packed with classics like fish and chips, mac n' cheese, various wraps, chocolate brownies and loaded chips.


Our meal came to £37, which I'd say was good value.

If we weren't reviewing, we'd probably have held the pancakes (£6) and potentially even shared the breakfast burrito (£10), so you could certainly cut costs if you wanted.


I think we'd both agree that my steak and eggs brioche was the stand-out offering. We'll definitely be back for that!


Fun, filling and tasty - top notch takeaway.

Rating: 8/10

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