Forensic investigators and police scour the woods near West Suffolk College with several bodies discovered, but what was really going on?

Students take part in the Crime Scene re-enactment day at West Suffolk College in Bury.

Students take part in the Crime Scene re-enactment day at West Suffolk College in Bury. - Credit: Archant

Investigations into at least four suspicious deaths at West Suffolk College were underway yesterday.

With forensic investigators scouring eight crime scenes in the copse near to the college, in Bury St Edmunds, several bodies were uncovered.

However, all was not as it seemed, with students playing the part of the forensic investigators and dummies and skeletons playing the victims.

The faked crime scenes were set up as part of a re-enactment day, with 140 forensics and public services students earning “valuable” experience.

Claire Watkins, Forensic Sciences course director, said: “The day worked incredibly well. They were able to put into practice everything they need to process a crime scene.

“We had eight different scenes. A car crashed into a tree, a car that had hit a person, a decomposed body hidden in the woods, two robberies and three skeletal remains.”

Public Services course director Zoe Ablett said the event was equally valuable for her students, who are training to become police officers.

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She said: “They carried out the role of the PCSOs and Pcs on the scene. They had to control the crime scene and stop people from walking through it and ensure no evidence gets destroyed.

“It was really enjoyable and we are hoping to do it again next year after we iron out a few niggles. It was very valuable experience.”

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