Forest Heath election nominations

FOREST HEATHAll out election on May 3All Saints (2): *Geoffrey Jaggard (Con), *Robin Millar (Con), Catriona Pilborough (LD), Christopher Turner (L


All out election on May 3

All Saints (2): *Geoffrey Jaggard (Con), *Robin Millar (Con), Catriona Pilborough (LD), Christopher Turner (Lab)

Brandon East (3): Cyril Brown (Ind), *Stephen Edwards (Con), Reginald Silvester (UKIP), *Eddie Stewart (Con), *Susan Vincent (Con)

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Brandon West (2): *William Bishop (Con), Tony Simmons (Con), Tony Wojtasz (Ind)

Eriswell & The Rows (2): David Chandler (UKIP), Brian Keane (Con), *Terence Waters (Con)

Most Read

Exning (1): Marion Fairman-Smith (Con), Neil Williams (LD)

Great Heath (2): John Barker (Ind), David Hitchman (Ind), *Nigel Roman (Con), Tony Wheble (Con), Brian Whiear (UKIP)

Iceni (1): *Rona Burt (Con) returned unopposed

Lakenheath (2): Simon Flack (Con), David Gathercole (Con), David Lucas (Ind), Ian Smith (UKIP), Richard Smith (UKIP)

Manor (1): *Sue Syvert (Con) returned unopposed

Market (2): George Hayes (UKIP), Bert Hitt (UKIP), *John McGhee (Con), *Malcolm Smith (Con)

Red Lodge (2): *Lisa Chambers (Con), Steven James (Con) both returned unopposed

Severals (3): Andrew Appleby (LD), *Chris Barker (Con), *Maureen Hills (Con), Warwick Hirst (FHIAP), Timothy Huggan (LD), Howard Jackson (Con), Ian Radford (LD), Joy Uney (Lab)

South: *Roger Dicker (Con) returned unopposed

St Marys: Ruth Allen (FHIAP), Charles Drakeley (FHIAP), Andy Drummond (Ind), Susan Honeyford Balfe (Con), David Hudson (UKIP), Michael Jefferys (Lab), *Carol Lynch (Con), *Bill Sadler (Con)

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