Forest Heath nominations

FOREST HEATH DISTRICT COUNCILAll out election (27 seats – two more than in 1999 election through ward boundary changes)Conservative control.


All out election (27 seats – two more than in 1999 election through ward boundary changes)

Conservative control.

1999 election result: Con 21, Lab 1, Lib Dem 2, Ind 1

Now: As above

All Saints (2) (was Granby in old council): *Geoffrey Jaggard (Con), Sheila Malham (Lab), Robin Millar (Con), Kevin Yarrow (Lab)

Most Read

Brandon East (3): Stephen Dean (Lab), *Stephen Edwards (Con), Norman Silver (Ind), *Reginald Silvester (Con), Edward Stewart (no party listed), Susan Vincent (Con)

Brandon West (2): *Bill Bishop (Con), Jacqueline Bourton (WSIAP), Pamela Brown (Lab), Alan Saxby (Ind), Thomas Silver (Lab), David Royston Turner (Con)

Eriswell & The Rows (2): David Bowman (Lab), *Robert Newman (WSIAP), David Newton (Con), *Terence Waters (Con)

Exning (1): *Donald Levick (Con), John Patmore (Lab)

Great Heath (2): John Barker (Ind), *Nigel Roman (Con), John Taylor (Lab), Anthony Wheble (Con), David Whitear (UKIP)

Iceni (1): Rona Burt (WSIAP), Susan Syvret (Con)

Lakenheath (2): *Roger Crane (Con), *Bruce Rutterford (Con), Ian Smith (UKIP), Trevor Whitpen (WSIAP)

Manor (1): David Cox (WSIAP), Edwin Pigerham (Con), *Stephen Richards (Ind)

Market (2): Grenville Dale (Ind), George Hayes (UKIP), Herbert Hitt (UKIP), Clifford Horne (Lab), *John McGhee (Con), Lynne Nunn (WSIAP), *Malcolm Smith (Con)

Red Lodge (2): Lisa Chambers (Con), *Allan Duncan (Ind), Peter Merrick (C), Julie Middleton (Ind), Brian Woodcock (Ind)

Severals (3): Christopher Barker (Con), Jamie Burnett (Lab), *Bill George (Lib Dem), Maureen Hills (Con), John Hirst (WSIAP), George Lambton (C), James Littlewood (WSIAP), Vivien Uney (Lab)

South (1): Robert Goff (Con), *Brian Gray (Ind)

St Marys (3): Rubiya Ahsan (Lab), Andrew Drummond (WSIAP), Paul Dwane (Lab), John Hirst (WSIAP), David Hudson (UKIP), *Michael Jefferys (Lab), *Carol Lynch (Con), *Terence Mills (WSIAP), *Bill Sadler (Con), Elaine Weaver (Con)

Key: Conservative (Con), Labour (Lab), Liberal Democrat (Lib Dem), Independent (Ind), UK Independence Party (UKIP), West Suffolk Independence Alliance Party (WSIAP)

*denotes councillor seeking re-election

Figure in brackets denotes number of councillors to be elected

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