Forget the rain - spring is here!

AFTER the coldest and most miserable winter for years, weather forecasters officially say spring has sprung today.

Hollie-Rae Merrick

AFTER the coldest and most miserable winter for years, weather forecasters officially say spring has sprung today.

And it seems that the weather might have got the message - the forecast for this week suggests things will get rather brighter and warmer.

We might even start to see some daffodils blooming in our gardens -although few have come up in time for St David's Day today!

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After a frosty January and horribly wet and dull February is it really finally time for flowers to bloom, leaves to appear and for lambs to play?

Flood watches and weather warnings were in place across Suffolk during the weekend, with many of the region's river taking the brunt of the miserable down pour.

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The Environment Agency issued warnings for the Rattlesden River, the River Gipping and the River Deben.

The problems are more acute because the wet weather over the last month has left the underground water tables very high - the land cannot absorb any more rain.

The Suffolk coast was also affected by the washout, with warnings in place from Lowestoft to Bawdsey.

But forecasters are hopeful that a spell of warmer weather is Suffolk-bound.

Phil Garner, a forecaster for WeatherQuest, told the Evening Star that about 25mm of rain fell in the region yesterday - but added that warmer temperatures were on the cards.

He said: “It's been a very wet February for this region - with 220 per cent of normal rain fall hitting Suffolk.

“This means that the region has had double the normal amount of rainfall for February. Temperatures have been below average also - at about 1-2C below what is normally expected for this time of year.”

But the good news is the weather is on the turn.

Mr Garner said: “It looks like things will remain unsettled but there is a band of high pressure heading this way.

“It looks like things are going to be a lot milder and warmer on Tuesday and Wednesday, in particular.”

Spring facts:

- According to meterologists spring months are March, April, and May - although many people claim that spring doesn't start until the equinox on March 21.

- Today is St David's Day, the national day of Wales and the day when traditionally daffodils bloom for the first time.

- “Mad March Hares” are supposed to be a talisman for spring - males start “boxing” to attract females as the temperatures rise and the days become longer

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