Fork-lift truck attack on couple’s home

POLICE are investigating a terrifying attack at a couple’s home in which it is thought a fork-lift truck smashed through their front gate and rammed two cars into their home.

The exact motive behind the attack at the detached house in West Row, near Mildenhall, remains unclear.

Firefighter Ray Shields, who lives in the house with his partner, told how they awoke at 3am last Wednesday by the sound of vehicle smashing their two cars into the detached countryside home.

It is understood a fork-lift truck was seen leaving the area at around the time of the incident.

The incident, which has left their property unstable and half of it uninhabitable as a result of the crash causing 500 litres of heating oil to leak from a tank, has left the couple deeply shaken - but grateful to those living nearby who have inundated them with offers of support.

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Mr Shields said: “Half of the house is uninhabitable because of the oil, which is carcinogenic and we are just in complete shock and surprise that this kind of thing can happen.

“We want to thank all the people who have helped out and offered support since this has happened.”

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He said there had been a number of minor incidents at the house over the years, such as smashed windows, but nothing on this scale.

The couple’s home has now been screened off by builders who are there to make it stable and metal fencing has been established around the site because of the damage caused to the gate.

Inside the house, a pump is running during the day to clear oil from those rooms affected by the tank leak.

A spokeswoman for the police said some sort of agricultural vehicle had gone into the couple’s property. She said inquiries were ongoing into the incident.

It is understood the police will be investigating possible links between the latest incident and previous acts of criminal damage against the couple’s home.

Anybody with information about the incident is asked to contact police on 01284 774100.

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