Former lottery winner opens cake shop

A LOTTERY winner who banked more than �5 million has opened a cake business in Ipswich after tiring with his jet-set lifestyle.

Ron Ullah, 65, was able to travel the world after scooping �5,177,425 on the National Lottery back in October 2002.

But the former carpenter woke up one morning and realised he missed the cut and thrust of business.

Mr Ullah said: “I bought all the yachts and cars, invested nicely in properties abroad and made sure my daughters were taken care of with their houses.

“I spent a lot of time abroad, mainly in America, did the Route 66 journey I’d always wanted to do, and sailed to Cyprus.

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“I had a lot of fun and it was a great adventure – the most fantastic time I’ve ever had. But there’s only so much of all that you can do, and I woke up one day and thought what should I do today?”

Now he’s back to making cakes at a new premises called Carousel at The Buttermarket shopping centre, having previously run a similar venture in Basildon.

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The shop, which he runs with business partner Carol Owen, employs five staff and provides cakes for birthdays, weddings, special occasions and corporate events, as well as all the equipment people need to make their own cakes.

Mr Ullah, who lives with his wife Ann in Wickford, added: “Starting up in the recession was a bit risky, but it’s been a great success and it’s given me a real purpose.

“Because the business took off so well, and the cake orders came in more than I expected, I have to be here full-time.

“Initially I wanted to work part-time, and when I get another experienced cake maker in then I can start to think about taking it a little bit easier.”

To mark yesterday’s estimated �82million EuroMillions jackpot, Mr Ullah crafted a spectacular Lottery themed Madeira cake which was given out on the streets of Ipswich.

“I’ve tried to put a little bit of luck in the cake and hopefully it’ll rub off on the people who had a taste on the streets,” he said.

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