Victims leave court with ‘heads held high’ as child abuse ‘parasite’ is jailed

Julian Myserscough Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY

Julian Myserscough Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

A child abuser described as ‘vile, evil and utterly remorseless’ has been jailed for 21 years for raping and sexually assaulting girls.

Ipswich Crown Court. Picture: ARCHANT

Ipswich Crown Court. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: ARCHANT

One of Julian Myerscough's victims returned to Ipswich Crown Court, where he made her take the stand and relive the ordeal, to face down her abuser and label him a "parasite".

The 57-year-old former law lecturer, once of Lowestoft, was found guilty of two counts of rape and nine other offences, including indecent assault, causing unnecessary suffering and assault by penetration on girls under 13 between 2001 and 2010.

During an emotional hearing for all but the outwardly impassive defendant, one victim accused him of an animal-like lack of compassion, adding: "You are a parasite, clinging to the lives of the innocent".

The former UEA lecturer was forced to hear from all three young women about the shame, harm and silence he caused.

However, said one victim: "You are not responsible for everything - for my success, perseverance and inability to give up."

Another said: "I went for so long believing what happened was my fault, before I realised it wasn't.

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"I'm glad I was brave enough to get justice for myself and others.

"I hope you feel some remorse for the lives you have destroyed.

"I leave this court with my head held high - and the knowledge that no other children will suffer at your hands."

Detective Constable Kate Bond Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY

Detective Constable Kate Bond Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY - Credit: Suffolk Constabulary

Myerscough was convicted of possessing indecent images of children in 2010 - and in 2015, when he vanished from court while jurors considered a verdict.

He was detained in Dublin but later released on appeal and fled to Romania, where he was arrested for child abuse charges and brought back by Suffolk police.

Judge David Goodin said Myerscough had used the three girls when they had no words or vocabulary to describe the abuse.

"It's not necessary for me to describe the full horror of the abuse suffered by each little girl," added Judge Goodin, who was in no doubt Myerscough continued to view children as sexual objects, based on disturbing text messages found on his phone in Romania.

"I deeply hope they can achieve the closure they deserve," he said.

"It won't lessen the effects of your activity but it may be the beginning of a healing process."

Myerscough was sentenced to 21 years' custody with an extended five-year licence period. He must serve at least 14 behind bars.

Det Con Kate Bond spent six years on the case of a man described by investigators as a "vile, evil and utterly remorseless predator".

She was commended by Judge David Goodin for her "sensitive, quiet and determined" effort to achieve justice for his victims.

After the hearing, she said: "There were many bumps along the road - not least when he absconded from court.

"The fight has been long, but justice has finally caught up with him."

An NSPCC spokesperson said the sentence showed it was never too late for survivors to report abuse, adding: "Myerscough used fear and control in an attempt to stop his victims reporting his sickening abuse, but it is their astounding bravery that has helped jail him for his vile crimes."

The NSPCC helpline offers advice about non-recent abuse on 0808 8005000. Young people can also contact Childline on 0800 1111 or via

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