Framlingham: Changing autumn colours and green shoots

Picturesque countryside view on this walk from Framlingham

Picturesque countryside view on this walk from Framlingham - Credit: Archant

Richard Tyson follows a route from Framlingham

Route of the Framlingham walk

Route of the Framlingham walk - Credit: Archant

Walking in Suffolk is pleasant in autumn after cereal crops have been harvested and field colours change from golden through brown to green as new seeds take hold after ploughing. A number of paths radiate from Framlingham and this walk goes through undulating farmland to pleasant open access North Green (a registered common) at the halfway point.

Cross level Castle Meadow opposite the pub. Go through a gap when the castle is on the left. Continue ahead to Badingham Road, seen through trees, and turn right towards the old pump. Soon take the path on the left between the scout hut and the next house. Pass the skate park. Go ahead on the field path but in 100 yards turn right onto the path towards a house. The footpath directly across the road (B1119) opposite was not reinstated when I visited so I went right on the road, then left at the corner onto a grassy bridleway (1).

Keep straight, ignoring side paths on the pleasant bridleway, which stretches ahead with hedges on the left then on both sides and next becomes a farm track. Go straight on (bridleway sign!) when the farm track goes left and descend towards a little valley. When a hedge is in front, the path goes left, then has two right turns while crossing a field. The route goes left at a waymark post, leaving the bridleway and entering a shady track which wriggles, then makes a sharp left-turn before entering a field. Go up the field towards a cottage and turn right on the road.

The open area is North Green. You may like to rest awhile at the iron seat round a tree or go over to the picnic table next to the pond. From the iron seat go away from the road towards a cottage, then bear right on a track which enters Green Farm (2).

Look carefully for a left-turn signpost just before the first shed and find the gap ahead in the hedge leading to a field path going straight towards a large willow tree (go round the field edge if necessary). Follow electric poles and in a few minutes Parham Wood is ahead. At a signpost secured by old nails to an electricity post I continued ahead, keeping the wood on my right. Some paths seem not to conform to the map and so I kept the woodland on my immediate right, swinging round with a fishing lake below, beside the River Ore.

Just before a “Private” sign (3) a path straight ahead leads across a field to a very minor road. Turn right and keep on the road towards Manor Farm, passing a very modern house under construction. Pass traditional Manor Farm, keeping straight on, and soon Framlingham is in front. Take the second footpath on the right as the road swings left. Keep straight on at junctions, finally passing through a housing estate to reach Fore Street.