Framlingham: Could demolition of St Michael’s Rooms free up much needed space for parking?


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The demolition of a church hall is being considered as a long term option to free up space in a Suffolk town that has been calling out for new parking.

St Michael’s Church in Framlingham has stressed the move is just an aspiration, which will only go ahead if an alternative community centre is built first.

The proposal would see a new, smaller hall built closer to the church and the ageing St Michael’s Rooms, demolished to make way for a much needed new car park.

Church warden Jeremy Schofield said the current hall was not well suited for the church’s present needs, would need substantial maintenance work, and could better serve the town as a car park.

“We would need there to be an alternative community centre first,” he added. “The two need to go hand in hand.”

Framlingham Town Council, which discussed the proposal with the church when working on the ongoing neighbourhood plan, has welcomed the suggestion.

Town clerk Eileen Coe said: “It would be in the centre of town, which a perfect location for parking.”

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Christopher Hudson, who is one of Framlingham’s district councillors, said it would be sad to see the building demolished but agreed that the proposal underlined the need for a new community centre.

“The town needs proper places to park, proper places to meet and a proper place to function as a town,” he said. “What we cannot contend with is the pick and pix planning system we have at the moment – we need joined up thinking.”