Framlingham: Family’s anger at five-week wait for a BT telephone line

COMMUNICATION giant BT has come under fire from a married couple who have been left without a phone line for more than a month.

Stephanie and Roger Askew moved from Sweffling to nearby Framlingham on January 27.

They stayed in temporary accommodation for a month before moving to their new home in Tetley Close on February 27.

More than a month later, and despite a number of calls to BT, Mrs Askew, 67, and her husband, 70, are still without a telephone line. As a result, the couple have racked up more than �400 on mobile phone bills and are also without a connection to the internet.

Mrs Askew fiercely criticised BT for what she felt was a continued lack of action and urged it to finally get something done.

“It’s absolutely awful,” she said. “They just don’t seem to care. In my opinion, customer service has been absolute zero.

“We moved on January 27 – that was when the number was cut off. We knew we were going to move to our new home on February 27 so we arranged for BT to install a phone line on February 20.

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“They gave us five dates by which we would be connected – the last of which was Wednesday. It still hasn’t happened.

“I called the BT connection centre three weeks ago and they offered me a derisory �14.50 in compensation. We have spent something in the region of �400 in the last five weeks on our two mobile phones. It’s disgraceful. It is about time that someone is given a kick up the backside.”

A spokeswoman for BT said the company was urgently investigating the matter and would try to resolve the situation as soon as possible.