Temperatures plummet to -2C in North Essex

Ipswich Waterfront will host a number of events for Spill Festival 2018

Ipswich Waterfront will host a number of events for Spill Festival 2018 - Credit: Archant

East Anglia experienced its coldest start to the day since March with much of the region sat below freezing this morning.

For many the early commute will have started with de-icer, as temperatures across Suffolk and North Essex plunged below freezing.

North Essex got the worst of it, sitting at just -2C during the night.

Mildenhall was at -1C whilst Ipswich and Kings Lynn were lucky enough to stay at 1C and 2.5C respectively.

Thankfully the cold whether will eventually give way as the day progresses with highs of 12-13C expected.

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Sadly for those in South Suffolk and North Essex things could be about to get a little worse.

Clouds are likely to move in from the North with a dash of rain expected around late morning.

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Things will clear later on and thankfully we are expected to have a much warmer night with temperatures sitting around the 6C mark.

Tomorrow will be beset by more rain as clouds move in during the afternoon.

Temperatures will continue to drop as we experience highs of just 11C.

Stay with us for all of your weather updates.

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