Fundraising friends raise awareness of CPR after saving life

Rob Herst, Paul Humphreys, Philip Humphreys take on the Suffolk Sunrise Picture: ACTION MEDICAL RESE

Rob Herst, Paul Humphreys, Philip Humphreys take on the Suffolk Sunrise Picture: ACTION MEDICAL RESEARCH - Credit: Archant

Tony Clack, 38, from Framlingham and Paul Humphreys, 32 from Warrington met a year ago after Mr Clack’s car hit the central reservation on the A14 near Cambridge.

“I just jumped over the reservation,” said Mr Humphreys.

Mr Humphreys then performed CPR on Mr Clack for 25 minutes until the emergency services arrived at the scene.

Mr Clack was taken by air ambulance to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

It seemed unlikely that Mr Clack would ever meet the man who helped him after Mr Humphreys was ushered away to move his vehicle from the road.

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Fortunately for the men Mr Humphreys had happened upon Mr Clack’s business card.

“I just saw his business card,” said Mr Humphreys, “and contacted him through that.”

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Mr Clack’s wife was able to get in touch with Mr Humphreys to let him know that her husband was doing better.

“I spoke to him a couple of weeks after on the phone” said Mr Humphreys.

From there the men became friends sending each other texts regularly.

As part of his rehabilitation Mr Clack decided that he wanted to take on the Suffolk Sunrise event to raise money for the children’s charity Action Medical Research alongside Mr Humphreys.

Sadly Mr Clack was unable to take part in the race in the end but Mr Humphreys decided to carry on aided by his father, Philip and his friend Rob Herst and even increased his race distance to 100 miles having been convinced by friends that Ipswich wasn’t “too hilly.”

The trio have raised over £1,100 for charity.

Both friends hope to compete next year and raise more money.

Mr Clack wants to raise awareness of the importance of learning first aid and putting it into practice when possible.

“I genuinely owe my life to Paul” said Mr Clack.

“If he hadn’t stopped to help me that day, I would not be here now.”

“How many times do people drive past accidents as they are in a ‘hurry’?

“Thankfully, Paul was not one of those people. And thanks to his kindness, and being a trained first aider, my children still have a father and my wife has a husband.”

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