Frinton: £1,000 reward offered after vandals wreck sand sculpture


A £1,000 reward has been offered in a bid to catch vandals who demolished a sand sculpture on Frinton seafront.

Vandals wrecked the sand sculpture created by Nicola Wood on Frinton seafront

Vandals wrecked the sand sculpture created by Nicola Wood on Frinton seafront - Credit: Archant

The attack on the imposing sculpture of a woman in a deckchair occurred just hours after the project had been completed and filmed by the BBC.

Filming finished on Tuesday evening and Tendring District Council (TDC) staff discovered the pile of sand – with only the legs remaining - at around 7am yesterday.

They were returning to the site to spray the sculpture with a glue solution which would have preserved it for weeks for people to enjoy.

Leader of the council, Peter Halliday, said he was disgusted and disappointed that anyone would want to carry out such an act of mindless vandalism.

“It is beyond belief to me that someone would do this – they have gained absolutely nothing from this act but totally ruined a lot of people’s pleasure. I hope they are proud of themselves.

“I am hoping that there is somebody out there who knows exactly which morons are responsible and will feel it’s their public duty to report them.

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“If they are arrested and convicted there is a £1,000 reward available for that information.”

The sculpture, based on a Victorian postcard, was created by Nicola Wood for the BBC project. She started on Sunday and worked solidly for two days to get it finished in time.

Ms Wood is an internationally acclaimed sand and ice sculptor who has won two world championship gold medals for her art.

She said: “It’s pathetic what has been done. Everyone I met in Frinton was so positive and hospitable, and seemed really happy to have the sculpture there. I can’t believe it has happened in a place like Frinton.”

TDC staff transported the 40 tonnes of sand up from Frinton beach and set up the site with fencing and 1,000 litres of water so that the project could be carried out.

TDC’s Public Relations Manager, Nigel Brown, said: “The matter was reported to police at Walton and to their great credit they had officers knocking on doors along the seafront almost immediately to ask if anyone had seen anything.”

“I met with them on site and there was a constant stream of people turning up to take photos of the completed sculpture and some had travelled from a distance.

“They were quite upset about what had happened but more than that they were angry that such a work of art had been demolished.”

The sand was later moved and put back onto the beach where it had come from originally.

Anyone who has any information or saw people acting suspiciously on the greensward between about 7.30pm on Tuesday night and 7am yesterday is asked to contact their local police station.

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