'We are definitely affected' - businesses try to manage high fuel prices

Anxiety over getting fuel is likely to be replaced over the cost.

Anxiety over getting fuel is likely to be replaced by worry over the cost. - Credit: PA

Petrol prices in Suffolk could reach a record high before Christmas, the RAC has said, creating more challenges for businesses. 

Amidst the fuel delivery crisis, the cost of filling up vehicles is "causing further pain at the pumps," said RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams.

New RAC Fuel Watch figures have revealed the average price of unleaded petrol has increased by 1.5p to 136.83p per litre, with diesel rising 2.5p to 139.25p.

The RAC's data shows petrol is now 22p a litre more expensive than a year ago, while diesel is 21p more expensive in the same period.

Lines of traffic are forming along the A12 at Woodbridge as motorists queue up to get fuel at the Sh

Lines of traffic along the A12 at Woodbridge as motorists queued up to get fuel at the Shell garage last month. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

As demand for oil outpaces supply, the barrel price is rising - and the average price of unleaded could hit a new record of around 143p per litre before the end of the year.

Diesel could shoot up to 145p, which is only 3p off the record high of 147.93 in April 2021.

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Qamar Hyddar of Taxi Newmarket Ltd said his business was "definitely" affected by the high fuel prices - but is not passing the rise onto customers.

He said he and his drivers were having to go to more expensive filling stations to find fuel.

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He said: "We need fuel. Without fuel we cannot drive and if we cannot drive we cannot provide a service to our customers."

He said to get diesel he was having to travel 10 or 15 miles out of Newmarket to find any.

He added they had had to turn some business away because they didn't have enough fuel to pick customers up.

Lines of traffic are forming along the A12 at Woodbridge as motorists queue up to get fuel at the Sh

Record petrol prices could be reached in the run-up to Christmas, the RAC has said. - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

One Lowestoft fuelling station is selling petrol at 161.9p per litre, according PetrolPrices.com.

The website said petrol in Ipswich is between 131.7p and 136.9p, with diesel from 134.7p to 139.9p.

The checker revealed the cheapest town in Suffolk for fuel was Bury St Edmunds, with petrol as low as 131.9p and diesel at 136.9p.

Mr Williams said: "Drivers have had to endure the average price of petrol going up for 10 out of the last 12 months and now, because of the supply crisis, many have had great difficulty getting hold of it just so they can go about their daily lives.

"While we’ve heard of some smaller retailers taking advantage of the situation by charging very high prices for their fuel, these cases appear to be few and far between, with the majority of retailers acting responsibly."

The rise in fuel prices comes after motorists across Suffolk formed lengthy queues outside forecourts towards the end of last month, causing stations to run dry.

Mr Williams said drivers in London and South East were still experiencing problems with getting hold of fuel while also paying the highest prices in the UK.

West Suffolk Council, which buys fuel from wholesalers, said it was trying to manage the fluctuations in cost within the budget year and Suffolk Constabulary said it works closely with its fuel providers to minimise expenditure where possible.

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