‘It’s going to be chilly’ – Region braces for deep freeze

Temperatures are set to drop below freezing over the next few nights Picture: WARREN PAGE/PAGEPIX

Temperatures are set to drop below freezing over the next few nights Picture: WARREN PAGE/PAGEPIX - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

Forecasters are warning Suffolk and north Essex could see a sprinkling of sleet over the next few days – as overnight temperatures look set to plummet.

It is likely to be a chilly few days across East Anglia – with freezing temperatures making way for sleety showers and high winds as the weekend gets underway.

Fred Best, forecaster for Weatherquest, said the mercury could plummet to -1C or -2C over the next few nights, plunging Suffolk and north Essex into a deep freeze.

While temperatures will be milder during the day, at around 4C to 5C on Friday, residents would be wise to wrap up warm overnight as wintry conditions sweep the region.

Mr Best said Thursday and Friday are likely to be cold and dry, with some frost forming overnight. However the chance of rainfall increases as the weekend gets underway.

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“Over the next few nights it is looking like it is going to be quite chilly,” he said. “This band of rain is looking to reach us on Saturday afternoon and push into the west of the region.

“It might be a little bit sleety.”

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Motorists will be glad to hear there is only a minimal chance of ice forming on the roads, as showers forecast for Saturday should be met with much milder temperatures – with the potential to reach double figures.

However Mr Best warned there is a chance of high winds battering the region as the weekend goes on, with speeds of up to 45mph.

It is a similar story across much of the UK, as a low pressure weather system developing in the Atlantic is likely to clash with cold air.

The Met Office has warned this could see rainfall turning to snow in some parts, with temperatures in central England and Wales plummeting to -7C.

It said there was still uncertainty about how far the snow could extend into southern parts of England, but between 10cm and 20cm is predicted to fall across the Scottish Highlands and northern England.

“We’ll see things turn a bit colder as we go through to the end of the week, Friday will be a cold day,” the Met Office said.

Looking ahead to the festive period, forecasters said the weather had the potential to be unsettled.

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