Fuel ‘too pricey’ at motorway service stations

Cash-strapped drivers seem to have had their fill of motorway service station fuel.

Almost all (98%) of motorists canvassed by research company Viewsbank reckon motorway petrol and diesel is too pricey, with 60% saying they never buy it.

Based on responses from 1,030 drivers, the poll also showed 28% always fill up before going on a motorway and 5% leave the motorway to find cheaper fuel elsewhere.

Another 27% only fill up on the motorway if almost out of fuel, with 84% saying the high price of petrol and diesel puts them off buying anything else from motorway service stations.

But the poll also revealed that 35% of motorists use motorway service stations at least once a month and 11% at least once a week.

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Drivers are most likely to use service stations for going to the toilet and for stretching their legs.

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