Full election to take place in Braintree on Thursday, May 7 - candidate list here

Braintree High Street

Braintree High Street - Credit: Su Anderson

See the full list of candidates for the local elections in the Braintree District area below.

The candidates for the Braintree District Council elections have been confirmed.

Bocking Blackwater (three seats): Stephen Canning (C)*, Wendy Schmitt (C)*, Lyn Walters (C)*, Richard Green (Lab), Merle Morris (Lab), Richard Parsons (Lab), Paul Lemon (LD), Alan Rees (UKIP), John Malam (G).

Bocking North (two seats): Stephanie Paul (C), Alan Scattergood (C), Tony Everard (Lab)*, David Mann (Lab)*, Michael Ford (UKIP), Dawn Holmes (G).

Bocking South (two seats): John Baugh (C)*, Lene Shepherd (C)*, Moia Thorogood (Lab)*, Lynn Watson (Lab), Linda Campbell Hunt (UKIP), Michael Hunt (UKIP), Simon Attwood (G).

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Braintree Central & Beckers Green (three seats): John Cunningham (C), Mary Cunningham (C), Andrew Hensman (C), Agnes Bishop (Lab), Colin Riches (Lab), Celia Shute (Lab)*, Norma Huxter (UKIP), Dormer Andrews (G).

Braintree South (two seats): Alan Dunn (C), Vanessa Santomauro (C)*, Edith Aganoke (Lab), Martin Green (Lab).

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Braintree West (two seats): John McKee (C)*, Ronald Ramage (C)*, Bill Edwards (Lab), Juliet Walton (Lab), Keith Johnson (UKIP), Freddie Gerrard-Abbott (G).

Bumpstead: Robert Bolton (C)*, Christina Desborough (Lab), Ian Gray (UKIP).

Coggeshall (two seats): Lynette Bowers-Flint (C)*, Patricia Newton (C)*, Gary Knights (Lab), Tom Walsh (Lab), Tom Wood (UKIP), Howard Reed (G).

Gosfield & Greenstead Green: John O’Reilly-Cicconi (C)*, Deborah Warren (Lab), Jenny Bishop (G).

Great Notley & Black Notley (three seats): Graham Butland (C)*, Tom Cunningham (C)*, Frankie Ricci (C)*, Steven Goodfellow (Lab), David Rice (Lab), Jacqueline Thurgood (Lab), Rowland Pudney (UKIP), Howard Bills (G).

Halstead St Andrews (two seats): Stephen Kirby (C)*, Jennie Sutton (C)*, Stephen Knight (Lab), Donna Tuck (Lab), Nicholas Scales (G), David Hume (HRA), Andy Munday (HRA).

Halstead Trinity (two seats): Julia Allen (C)*, Malcolm Fincken (Lab)*, Garry Warren (Lab), David Huxter (UKIP), Jackie Pell (HRA)*.

Hatfield Peverel & Terling (two seats): David Bebb (C)*, Daryn Hufton-Rees (C), Maureen Bennett (Lab), Neil Coughlan (Lab), Garry Cockrill (UKIP), David Hodges (UKIP), Jonathan Barker (G), Les Priestley (Ind).

Hedingham (two seats): Jo Beavis (C)*, Hylton Johnson (C)*, Neil Fawkes (Lab), Stuart Scrivens (Lab), Bernie Chilten (UKIP), Fred Swallow (UKIP).

Kelvedon & Feering (two seats): John Elliott (C)*, Robert Mitchell (C)*, Tony Lewis (Lab), Ian Marshall (Lab), Daniel Shadbolt (G).

Rayne: Mike Banthorpe (C), Nigel Gibson (Lab), Sean Carter (UKIP), Poppy Gerrard-Abbott (G).

Silver End & Cressing (two seats): Kevin Bowers (C), Jane Hayward (Lab), Greta Tew (Lab), Brian Day (UKIP), James Abbott (G)*, Bob Wright (G)*.

Stour Valley North: Iona Parker (C)*, Peter Long (Lab), Ray Richards (UKIP).

Stour Valley South: Wendy Scattergood (C)*, Fred Hearn (Lab), Stephen Bolter (LD), Philip Palij (UKIP).

The Colnes (two seats): Chris Siddall (C)*, Gabrielle Spray (C)*, Tony Gore (Lab), Felix Preston (Lab), Alan Sheppard (G).

Three Fields (two seats): Peter Schwier (C), Peter Tattersley (C)*, Andrew Bennett (Lab), Margaret Lynch (Lab), Angie Jamison (UKIP), Ursula Riedl (G).

Witham Central (two seats): Angela Kilmartin (C), Sue Wilson (C)*, Brian Pereira (Lab), Duncan Wood (Lab), Barry Fleet (LD), Helen Waring (LD), Stephen Hicks (G).

Witham North (two seats): Christopher Bailey (C), John Goodman (C), Phil Barlow (Lab)*, Eileen Davidson (Lab), Pamela Hooper (LD), Derek Ray (LD), Michelle Weeks (G).

Witham South (two seats): Janet Money (C)*, Corinne Thompson (C)*, Paul heath (Lab), Francis MacDonald (Lab), Bernard Dearlove (LD); Hayden Hooper (LD); Nelson Brunton (G).

Witham West (two seats): Patrick Horner (C)*, Bill Rose (C)*, Lucy Barlow (Lab), Tony Bennett (Lab), James Fleet (LD), Philip Hughes (G).

Yeldham: Richard Van Dulken (C), Noel Owen (Lab), Sam Cowie (UKIP).

Key: C – Conservative; G – Green; HRA – Halstead Residents’ Association; Ind – Independent; Lab – Labour; LD – Liberal Democrats; UKIP – UK Independence Party. * denotes sitting councillor

NB – some wards have more sitting councillors than seats due Boundary Commission changes.

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