Fundraising feat of grieving mother

A MOTHER whose daughter was just 23 years old when she died from a brain tumour has raised nearly �25,000 through fundraising in a year.

James Hore

A MOTHER whose daughter was just 23 years old when she died from a brain tumour has raised nearly �25,000 through fundraising in a year.

Lesley Glover's daughter, Hollie Bell, was a fun-loving and popular holiday representative and had spent the summer of 2007 having the time of her life in Greece.

But when she returned in the September she began suffering from a series of severe headaches which became worse and worse and she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Hollie, who lived with her family in Great Bentley, near Colchester, underwent surgery at Queens Hospital, Romford, to remove 75% of the tumour which was followed up by both radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

However as soon as the treatment stopped she became seriously ill again due to the aggressive nature of the tumour and Hollie died last June.

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Since her daughter's death Mrs Glover has thrown herself into a series of fundraising events and has been amazed at the total amount of money achieved.

Events have included sponsored walks, sky dives and a ladies' evening, but there is no sign of the pace letting up and she is now involved with arranging another sky dive and a charity walk.

The amount has been boosted thanks to Hollie's friends holding their own fund-raising events.

Mrs Glover, 54, who works for the Colne Housing Society, said: “The �24,000 really has exceeded my expectations. I just wanted to raise as much as possible, and I don't really know where it has all come from.

“When I reached �1,000, I thought that was fantastic, but it has not stopped.

“Hollie was well-liked and well-known and was a really bubbly girl and I think that is reflected in the number of people that have been raising money for her.”

The �24,000 has gone to Brain Tumour UK, but Mrs Glover now wants the Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust Charity Fund to benefit due to the care Hollie received at Queens Hospital.

“Although Hollie did not survive, I know the hospital did all it could for her and it must cost an absolute fortune to have all the specialists and you don't realise the care that is provided unless you have been in that situation such as people who have the brain injuries or tumours,” she said.

The next events planned are a sky-dive being arranged by Hollie's friend, Emily Smith, on August 21 and then a charity walk on September 12.

For more information Skydive contact Emily on 07739997923 or and for more information about the walk from Colchester Castle Park to Great Bentley call Mrs Glover on 07738425041 or e-mail