Gallery: Armed police in siege drama

ARMED police in full riot gear stormed a house this morning following a dramatic siege in Ipswich.

ARMED police in full riot gear stormed a house this morning following a dramatic siege in Ipswich.

Fifteen police cars, the force helicopter, two riot vans and an ambulance were dispatched to Nacton Road after a teenager barricaded himself into a house and allegedly threatened to harm himself and officers.

Up to 15 houses were evacuated and the south east Ipswich road was cordoned off.

Crowds of shocked onlookers, including children, gathered to watch the three-hour spectacle, which was finally brought to an end at around 1am.

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Trained negotiators had been called in to try to talk the 18-year-old man out of the house, situated opposite the Golden Hind pub, after he repeatedly ignored demands to give himself up.

However, when their attempts failed, armed cops with shields smashed their way into semi-detached property and arrested the man inside before carrying him out and detaining him in a riot van.

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A road block, put in place as soon as police arrived, was lifted after a force dog unit had entered the house and completed a thorough search.

The 18-year-old arrested was being questioned by detectives at Ipswich police station today after spending a night in the cells.

He is being held on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, causing criminal damage to a car and causing criminal damage to a property.

Neighbours told how furniture had been thrown from the house during the episode. All of the front windows were smashed while doors were ripped from their hinges.

It is believed the siege followed a row over damage caused to a VW Golf, which was parked outside the house.

The house has been boarded up by police.

Neighbours today gave dramatic accounts after watching on in disbelief.

Carl McLaughlin and his mother Janet McLaughlin witnessed the siege from his bedroom as riot police, dogs and a police chopper swarmed his neighbour's house.

He said: “It was complete pandemonium.

“There were 15 police cars, an ambulance and a helicopter. There were two gunners in their back garden and two in our garden.

“The riot police had their shields up. The door was barricaded and they had to batter it down.”

Kimberly Oliver, who was at home with her two young children, added: “It was like something you see on television. You don't expect to see it in the street.

“I am still shocked.”

A police spokesman said: “An 18-year-old-man from Ipswich is currently in police custody awaiting questioning.”

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