Gallery: Bury Bombers beat the police and welcome next challengers

Police officers from Mildenhall and Brandon join the Bury Bombers wheelchair basketball team at Culf

Police officers from Mildenhall and Brandon join the Bury Bombers wheelchair basketball team at Culford School - Credit: Archant

A “fantastic evening” when a wheelchair basketball team took on police officers ended with a loss for the police.

The Bury Bombers challenged Brandon Safer Neighbourhood Team to a match, which took place on Thursday evening, at Culford School.

The team has now laid down the gauntlet for any other business or organisations in the area that want to try their hand at the sport.

Despite none of the Suffolk Police officers having experience of the sport, the challenge was accepted.

Following an hour of training, with none of the police officers used to wheelchairs, the two teams battled it out on the court.

Jill Anderson, chairman and head coach of the Bombers, said: “It was a fantastic evening, the police seemed to have fun.

“They spent an hour training, learning basic wheelchair control and getting to grips with the game.”

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The 65-year-old, who co-founded the club, continued: “It a great leveller, once everyone is in a wheelchair.

“The Bombers won, of course, but everyone had a great time – it was good fun.

“We were holding a fundraising event in Brandon when we approached the police there, asking them if they wanted a game. They accepted the challenge and it went from there.”

The Bombers, who play in the National League, Division Two South, are always looking for volunteers and funding.

The Brandon police donated a total of £90 to the team, who train and compete on the court at the Culford School.

The team was formed 1997 in response to lack of competitive sport for disabled people in the area.

“There was nothing for my son to do,” said Jill, whose son is a wheelchair user. “We got together with a group of other parents and formed the team.

“We travel to away games in Wales, Plymouth, all over the country. We need the funding to continue to compete.”

Jill was very thankful for support they already receive, not only in the form of volunteers and donations.

She said: “County Upper School very kindly lend us their minibus which we need to get to away games – it makes a big difference.”

Any organisation that wishes to challenge the Bury Bombers can contact or call 01284 728458.