Gallery: Colchester Garrison troops in Falklands tour

SOLDIERS from Colchester Garrison have played an integral role in patrolling the Falkland Islands as part of a two-month tour.

Troops from C (Bruneval) Company, 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, deployed thousands of miles from their home base at the beginning of October.

During their two months, the company rotated through three different roles – providing a reaction force, training on the live-firing ranges and patrolling across the islands.

The soldiers had helicopter support to allow them to cover the almost 800 islands which make up the Falklands.

During their tour there, the company visited a number of the battlefields from the Falklands War.

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Major Chris Prior, Officer Commanding of C (Bruneval) Company, said: “I think the soldiers have had a fantastic time down here. The training, the tough conditions, the wildlife and the islanders have all really made it a great deployment. We’ll miss the Falklands summer sun, but I think we’ll all be grateful to see Colchester again.”

Soldiers reported seeing spent ammunition cases still lying on the ground from the war 30 years on.

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Lance Corporal Freeman, 22, said: “Visiting the site of the battle and talking to the islanders who experienced it was a very humbling experience for me.”

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