Gallery: Drone photographs Aldeburgh from the sky


The sky’s now quite literally the limit when it comes to exploring landscapes - as cutting-edge technology is giving photographers new bird’s eye views from the skies that are more intimate than ever before.


Cameras attached to unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs that are sometimes referred to as “drones”, are showcasing environments in ever more detail. The devices are more manoeuvrable and versatile than conventional aircraft, and can operate closer to the ground.

Such are the recent advances in their potential that one highly acclaimed Suffolk photographer has taken a major leap of faith with them. Tony Pick, whose traditional photography business was based in Aldeburgh High Street for the past 14 years, has closed his gallery, relocated to a hi-tech studio nearby and has invested in three UAVs to pursue the “endless opportunities” that they offer, while continuing to offer his family beach portraits, photo training days and corporate PR photography. He has teamed up with two UAV pilots – his stepfather Ted Runciman, and electronics and engineering specialist Steven Sutton, of Peasenhall - to create a new business division, UK Aerial Photography.

“Very recent developments within the digital photography and video industry have enabled photographers to take to the skies, capturing breathtaking images in very high resolution and 4k video not seen before,” said Mr Pick.

“We will be specialising in coastal scenes, including wildlife, not seen in this way before. UAV work can be really beneficial for habitat management work and flood protection work, and can be really good for studying the changes that the coastline around here is forever undergoing, to give just a few examples.


“We can map the landscape in a way that gives a different and entirely new perspective as the UAVs can go up to a height of about 400 feet and right down to just above ground level,” Mr Pick said.

“We will also be offering commercial assignments such as land surveys and real estate, but the opportunities are endless and until now have not been possible without the expense of scaffolding and crane-hire fees, for example.

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“Although there have been concerns expressed by some about people’s privacy being compromised by the use of some UAVs, we will not be featuring people and all of our close-up landscapes will have the landowners’ permission.” Closing his gallery had been an emotional decision after 14 “brilliant” years but online sales now far outstripped those from the premises and his business had “evolved” to embrace a “new division in a new era”, he said.

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Hill farm - Heveningham

Hill farm - Heveningham - Credit: cont