Gallery: Firework display of colour as autumn arrives

WITH the September Equinox this Saturday, autumn is nearly here and according to experts, we could be in for a firework display of colours.

The wet summer combined with the recent sunny weather has created the perfect conditions for a beautiful leafy season, according to experts at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

RHS Wisley curator Colin Crosbie explained the science behind the season.

He said: “The wet weather over the summer helped trees produce large volumes of leaves and rather than shed them, as they would do in a dry year, they have retained them.

“Autumn colours will also be boosted by increased sugar levels in trees as a result of the recent lovely warm sunny days we have been enjoying.”

Although heavy rain or high winds could ruin the moment, the onset of cold weather could see the leaves on Suffolk trees begin to turn in the next few weeks.

Audrey Boyle, of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, said: “The reddy/brown colours of leaves during the autumn are typical of the time of year.

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“The mixture of sunny, cold and dry conditions bring out the red chemicals in the leaves.”

Mr Crosbie added: “As the weather starts getting cooler and the chlorophyll that gives leaves their green colour begins breaking down, it will expose yellow, orange and red pigments that – as long as we don’t get heavy rain or winds – should provide an incredible display of colour from trees this autumn.”

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