Gallery: Frosty scenes as the cold weather bites

Field of cattle grazing in a frosty field in Wingfield - Alison Connors

Field of cattle grazing in a frosty field in Wingfield - Alison Connors - Credit:

Photographs submitted by our readers capture the coldest weather of the season.

Frosty scenes of fields and foliage reveal how temperatures have dropped over the past few days – and more cold weather is predicted to come.

Dan Holley, a forecaster with Norwich-based Weatherquest, said over the next few days temperatures would be similar to what we have seen – about 8-9C (46-48F) – but there would be a chill factor with the wind.

He said most nights would feel fairly chilly, with temperatures around 2-3C (36-37F).

He said Friday night would probably be colder still, with probably another widespread frost, and Saturday night would also feel very chilly.

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“Some places in the county could get close to freezing. I think we are widely looking at 1-3C (34-37F), but with some places getting down to 0C (32F),” he added.

Looking forward to next week, he said from Tuesday onwards it looked like it would become much colder.

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“The first proper cold spell of this season. I think day-time temperatures will be down to 4-5C (39-41F) or so and with a wind chill on top of that.”

Mr Holley added: “There could be a few showers around with some hail mixed in. And with a heavy shower you might get some sleet mixed in.”

But he doubted the south would see snow just yet.

Night-time temperatures next week are predicted to be close to, if not below freezing.

Alison Connors has sent in the main image above, which was taken whilst on a walk from Holbrook, next to the River Stour.

People can send their weather pictures to

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