Gallery: It’s the whopper from Wetherden! John Frost’s magnificent marrow weighs seven stone and needs two men to lift it. Can you grow a bigger one?

John Frost of Wetherden with his 7 stone mega marrow.

John Frost of Wetherden with his 7 stone mega marrow. - Credit: Lucy Taylor

John Frost seems to have found the trick to growing enormous vegetables – let nature take its course.

The keen gardener from Wetherden has won various prizes for the quality of his produce, but never for their size.

But now he has a specimen worthy of award after he managed to grow a marrow weighing an impressive 7st (44.6kg).

Mr Frost said of the ‘Wetherden Whopper’: “I do try and grow some big pumpkins and marrows but this one I didn’t look after very well like I normally do.

“I would normally feed them a couple of times a week if I was trying to grow a big one.”

Instead the mighty marrow was only tended a few times over a period of three months, but Mr Frost said it “just kept growing and growing”.

However after letting nature take its course in the growing of the gigantic gourd it was nature which told Mr Frost it was time for the adventure to end.

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“It’s the end of the growing season now and the leaves were curling, so you know it’s finished growing,” Mr Frost said.

“It took two men to get it into the back of the car. It filled the whole boot.”

It might be the end of this marrow, but next year Mr Frost intends to use its pips in an attempt to grow a larger one.

He still has a way to go to match the world record though – that stands at 93.7kg.

Click here to see a 117kg pumpkin grown by David Cole.Have you ever tried to grow an enormous fruit or vegetable? Do you do it all the time? Let us know at

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